The adjective as a part of speech analysis.

In Russian, one of the most complex morphological analysis considered lexical unit.To disassemble the adjective as a part of speech, we need to be very familiar with all of its grammatical categories, their features and be able to distinguish those attributes that change from permanent.Although this procedure seems simple, do not forget about the nuances and complex moments.Errors allowed just in the morphological analysis.In fact, they are quite easy to avoid.Linguists believe that the verb is one of the most difficult parts of speech analysis, but the analysis of the adjective as a part of the speech contains a lot of "gotchas."It's important to remember the algorithm to learn all its features regularly in this exercise.Eventually almost incomprehensible moments remain, and the analysis will be quite simple.We must not forget that every analysis should be carefully checked, so make sure you carry out the task should be in draft form.

rules of analysis and preparation stages

To begin very well prepared, and then remember what adjective as a part of speech.Analysis should be done in a relaxed atmosphere, to eliminate all factors that can distract.Algorithm analysis should always keep in mind.The correct attitude to this is very important.During exercise should pay attention to the difficult moments.It helps to learn good technique.For this purpose it is possible to have a special book in which all the details will be recorded by point.In order to remember the material quickly, you need to append examples of each rule.So it will clearly understand the meaning of terms and definitions, and there will be no confusion.

training sessions

So after an adjective is well studied as part of the speech, the analysis can be performed in accordance with its features.For workouts also need a separate notebook.We have to learn to analyze their own.Once skills are well-honed, the whole process will take several minutes.It is better to carry out tasks in the draft.First, each step must be checked against the rules.You can not deviate from the algorithm works.This sequence is not random, and from it very much depends.If the initial word form or shape is reversed, all the categories will be determined by the lexical unit is absolutely wrong.Performing record for yourself to do the underscore.For this purpose, can be used as a pencil or pen in different colors.Then the work will be most evident.During training you need to verbalize aloud all to use different types of memory and better learn the material.

Grammatical categories adjective

There are some features that has an adjective as a part of speech.The analysis must begin only after all they will be well spent.In his notebooks need to take two separate pages.One of them should write a proposal, which contains the word for analysis.Here it is necessary to write it in a form in which it occurs in the text.Thus it will be possible to determine those characteristics which vary.On another page, the adjective must be written in its initial form.It is necessary to identify the grammatical categories that do not change.These include discharge or complete the short form and extent of the comparison.To the initial form has been defined correctly, you need to put the word in the singular, the masculine gender and nominative case.

Defining the

adjective as a part of speech, analysis of which requires special attention, it points to the attributes of objects.They did not relate it to objects, actions and people: wooden table, metal coin, a large garden .Some signs denoted relation to any person, object or action.Then it considered a relative adjective.Its quite simple "Open."Word changes completely and becomes the definition of circumstance or supplement.For example: strawberry jam - strawberry jam, yesterday's incident - an incident which occurred yesterday .Whether the subject belongs to some person can be determined using a possessive adjective.It answers the questions: whose?whose?whose?whose?

qualitative adjectives

They have many features by which they can identify.They have a complete and concise manner: rich - rich .Another distinctive feature is the presence of degrees of comparison: beautiful - more beautiful - the most beautiful .They can be combined adverbs that have a degree or measure: very beautiful, extraordinarily beautiful, too beautiful and so on.Adjectives is important for the transition from one category to the next.Therefore, special attention should be paid to the lexical component.The meaning and content are very important during the analysis.The main thing is to correctly identify the category that has the adjective as a part of speech.Parsing can go wrong, if we admit such a mistake.For example, many believe that Ā«goldenĀ» - a relative adjective.In combination: gold bracelet, gold coin, gold chain - it really is.But golden hands or golden master , it becomes quality.


Suppose you in general have learned from this material, how to disassemble an adjective, but must also pay attention to the sequence.To begin to write the word form.It is important to write it in such a way as it occurs in the sentence.So it will be possible to define all attributes that are not permanent.When you need to write the initial form - to designate persistent symptoms.Next determined syntactic role of words.It is necessary to find out what it offers is a member.Pay attention to all the features you need to parse.Work is often necessary to constantly control myself - and then honed skill will be perfect.