Remember this name: Taissa Farmiga

This Saturday we decided to continue to acquaint you with the new names in the world of movies, music, and more - in show business.This time the choice fell on Taissa Farmiga, which quickly became a unique and memorable sight on television and the silver screen.

Taissy We have one special quality of acting: it wants to watch again and again, whether it is in the picture "Elite Society" (Bling Ring), was directed by Sofia Coppola, or in real life in a variety of photo shoots.Even if you can not determine the nature of its eccentric charisma, it's just you feel when you look at it.

debut TAISS took in a movie at the age of 15, when her older sister Vera Farmiga in 2011 led youngest on the set of the film "Heaven and Earth" (Higher Ground).But really it opened its director Ryan Murphy, who bet on Taissy, entrusting her the role of Violet Harmon in his first season of the hit series "American Horror Story" (American Horror Story).Playing with Jessica Lange and Evan Peters, young

Farmiga showed hidden depths of acting, simultaneously having obtained for himself another key role on the third season of the serial.

recall that this series has repeatedly received various awards at the ceremony Emmy Awards, and the first three seasons have been nominated for the highest award television 54 times (!).What sways Taissa Farmiga , is just four short years, it has become one of the most promising young actresses in Hollywood.

"Watch how TAISS becomes a woman, is like looking at something like" exploding "in bloom bud peony, - says the elder sister Vera Farmiga. - She ( TAISS ) is now in the middle of flowering, andit is incredibly beautiful. And still is, the nerve is amusing, magnificent and mischievous. I always love her laugh. I love to watch as she gallops through life like some mythical unicorn. "

Although TAISS does not know whether she will return for the fifth season "American Horror Story" , it has no shortage of projects in which it willingly invite.Recently premiered two films in which she has participated, and which are now a lot of talk.It "Last Girl" (The Final Girls) and "6 years" (6 Years);Both tapes were presented at the Film Festival in Austin.And young Farmiga starred in a non-stop in a pilot ABC's crime drama with Erika Christensen .

addition, TAISS in reserve has two more films.A romantic drama based on the real life of Howard Hughes, which removes Warren Beatty, and a western called "In the Valley of violence" (Valley of Violence) with Ethan Hawke and John Travolta.

"The fact that it thrives in his career, this is a known certainty - adds the finishing touches to the portrait TAISS her sister Vera. - It has always been like that. When the kids her age just trying to survive, it is in all investing their innatecompassion, passion and courage. One look at her glowing brown eyes, and you immediately feel her kindness, honesty and sincerity. I am so proud and so afraid for my little sister, but ... sometimes I have to give her a little prodding. "

But small interview Taissa Farmiga gave edition Just Jared .

- Fans can expect to see you in the next season of "American Horror Story"?

- Well, the fourth season just ended.So I hope that the fans will be able to see me in the next season.We'll see, but I can not promise.

- What is your favorite scene in the series?

- My favorite scene is probably the last one, when I shall be nailed to the wall.I had to sit there something about an hour, leaning on the wall.It was pretty fun, blood, guts, it was great.

- Do you have a favorite subject of the props?

- My favorite props from the "American Horror Story" is likely witch hat.It just suits me and really like it.I love to pull it down, so I did not see, but I can flirt eyes.Yes, definitely, it's my favorite props.

- Could you tell us about your character in the upcoming film "The Last Girl"?

- My character - 18-year-old Max.It's kind of like the girl from the 90s.She wears coarse shoes company Dc.Martens and flanelkvye shirt and it has to do with the death of his mother.Since the death of his mother two years have passed, and Max was involved in the famous horror film of his mother.

- Call any memorable moments with your co-stars Nina Dobrev and Alexander Ludwig?

- My favorite moments with Nina and Alexander of "Final Girls" is, as we have each other frightened.This went on for several months after the shooting of the film.Nina somehow frightened Alexander, when he was shot in Ireland seems to be in the film about the Vikings.But on the set of this film, they always tried to involve me in his practical jokes, such as "Go on, distracting him, and I'll make your way around the tree."It was great, a real explosion of emotion and fun.

- What can you tell about his character from the film "6 years"?

- I'm a student of Mel, who for six years was in a relationship.That is, she had met during your stay in high school with only one boy.It seemed to her that she was an adult because of the situation, they seem almost married.But the 20-year-old, they are very explosive, because it does not fully developed emotionally, so Mel is studying to be an adult in fact, although such is not.

- What kind of clothes do you wear most often?

- My favorite item of clothing - a black hat Fedora, which I bought with my sister Vera.It (the hat) is always on my mind.On Tuglie her maroon ribbon.Sometimes Faith puts the pen back, but it's not my style.

- What are the last three things that you paid for with your credit card?

- the last three?Probably a plane ticket to Los Angeles, cough drops and a gauze bandage, because I had the flu.

- What are the next two plan that you want to carry out your wish list?

- I want to make a private trip to Europe, since first went there only on paper.And secondly, I want to hang out with Alexander Ludwig, I want him to take me to bungee jumping.

- From a celebrity you dragged lately?

- Latest probably Chris Pratt.But Andy Dwyer, Parks, there is, after all, Chris Pratt.Whew!Well, it's hot!

- Choose two celebrities who could be your parents. - If I had to choose in the parents of the two stars, I would say that it would be Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain.(recall that they played together in the film "a most violent year").

- Choose: Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling? - Ryan Gosling.

- Kanye West and Jay-Z? - Jay-Z.

- Hugs or Kisses? - Embrace.

- Facial or clean-shaven? - Facial.

- "Star Wars" or "Star Trek"? - "Star Wars."

- Bath or shower? - Shower.

And this is behind the scenes photoshoot brings beauty Taissa Farmiga:

Photo Source: WENN, Just Jared