What is a press release?

Press Release is a press release containing certain information.In particular, the organization or individual points on the news themselves, sets out its position on this or that issue.When composing a message, it must follow its publication.


The message usually presents the official position of the organization in the form of reaction to any newsworthy.State governments sometimes produce press releases in the form of answers to questions.The first message ever was released in 1906, the 30th of October.Its author was the father of modern PR Ivy Lee.The information in it was connected with the tragedy that occurred on the railroad in Pennsylvania.Determining what the press release, it becomes easier to understand when considering its objectives.The first thing to say is the main PR-document within the organization.It was thanks to him that journalists are the most relevant, important and interesting information about the events that occurred in a particular area.However, the press release for the media may not always be interesting.Reporters pay attention to the really important in their opinion, developments.Those or other accidents may be further disseminated to specific audiences or the general public.

requirements for the material

To report was published, it must be made according to certain principles.First of all, as mentioned above, the information should be really interesting - is guaranteed to remain without attention uninformative press release.How to write a message?What key points should be highlighted?Here are some tips from the professionals:

  1. information message should be not only interesting but also necessary for the publication of the audience, which is supposed to publication.
  2. Data must be relevant and fresh.
  3. Well, if the information can be linked with some important social event.
  4. positively impact the presence in the message of the words and opinions of leaders in the highlights issues.

The more points observed, the greater the likelihood that the press release is published.If an organization will constantly send uninformative information about the other reports will be compiled in absentia is not very positive opinion.

distinctive features

For a better understanding of what the press release should be considered its main features.Some novice advertising managers, and in some cases themselves business leaders believe direct advertising today insufficiently effective.According to them, to achieve better results, you can locate articles about the product or service in the newspaper.But as a rule, the article goes very advertising, and in some cases even impossible, since such work is not of time and effort.In this case it is better to take on writing press releases.In contrast to the advertising article preparation for short notes do not need a lot of time and effort.Thus, the main characteristic of the press release can be considered brevity and concreteness of the information supplied.The tasks set by the advertising article and a short message also differ.The final goal for a press release is to create and maintain a certain image of the organization in the eyes of the public.The style of writing also has its own characteristics.Press release, a model of which is shown below, is no narrative, spoken form, and "telegraph" impersonal.In history there are examples where the posts were made in the artistic, lyrical style, suitable for larger network literature.For writing a press release is necessary newsworthy.A brief note is made with respect to any event, the news.Therefore, the content is connected, usually with a specific time interval.

Types of press releases

announcement provides coverage of the event, which is only going to happen.For example, time of departure and issued a press release of the exhibition provides the presence of media representatives at the event.In this document, other than the essence of the event, you can briefly highlight its history.This can further be interested journalists.If an event has already occurred, then it talks about press release news.In this report, in addition to the main content, you can add views and comments of interested parties.Information press release talks about the unfinished events.In this case, only it expected to report on the new turn of events, the current changes, despite the fact that the essence of the event or the news is already known.As an example, a press release of the contest or competition.

message structure.The title and first paragraph

Title is the most important part of the whole document.Read the first line, the reporter determines whether the news is interesting for its publication, or it is better to throw it away.Therefore, the title needs to be done so that you can immediately interest any reader.The first paragraph is called the lead.It consists of a single sentence, which briefly sets out the essence of events, news, and so on. D. Skill inventing titles is very important.After all, what is a press release?It is a message that should be interested in the first row.A first line is just the headline.Lead or resume - is also very important part of what constitutes the press release.

How to write a resume?

In this part of the document in the same sentence, the author must answer this question: "What do I, as the author would like to say?"Summary specifies the name.In publications, it rarely published and are generally used for industrial purposes and determines themes to which the message relates.It should be said that the work on resume writing contributes to a better understanding of the meaning of the note.If the essence is impossible to express in one sentence, it is best to alter the press release.The sample was made up of the right of the document is given below.For additional questions can be used, for example, as follows: "For those who compiled the document?", "Why should I write a message?".


In this part of the document, it is important to specify the basic information.The order should be as follows:

  • one party event or incident;
  • actual news itself or event;
  • place where there was or there will be something;
  • reasons;
  • how it happened or will happen event.

other words, you should follow the rule "what, when, where, how much and to whom."In fact, the answers to these questions make up the entire contents of the message.Of course, you must correctly identify the names of organizations, events, venue and date, or the names of the participants and other interested parties.The desired volume of the main part - about half a page of A4 paper.Approximately one and a half thousand marks.However, depending on the topic of the message may be different.

Contact details

This part is very important for the author of that message and the organization on whose behalf he writes.In the first place, it is desirable to specify mobile contacts: e-mail on the Internet, and telephone number.It should also specify the contact person (s), which you can use to apply for clarification, comments or questions.Site address should also be mentioned.Such information is particularly important when is, for example, a press release of the bank.Information about the company - preferably but not necessarily part of the document.It represents a summary of what the company does (the scope of its activities).Such information will help you quickly understand the message editor, with whom they are dealing.It is not necessary to abuse this part of the message and try to put it in a variety of advertising copy - it will produce is not very positive impression.At the same time the organization should not pretend that it is so well known that the publisher needs to know everything in advance.


press release, a sample of which is shown above, is made primarily for publication in various journals.In this case, the question may arise: why not spread the message on their own?This option, of course, used by some organizations.However, greater efficiency can be achieved by entrusting the coverage of an event professionals.Press releases can be distributed at the press conferences, briefings, or sent via communication links (by fax, e-mail).In general, the message must not be very large in size and placed on the two pages of A4-format.The document should not contain any information or the estimates of advertising.As a general rule, a press release highlights one event or piece of news.Also, when you compose a message is necessary to clarify the requirements of the editorial board, where it will be sent.Ready document should meet them as much as possible.


composing a note, you should not abuse the advertising business.After all, what is a press release?It is a message that should interest.The abundance of advertising it can affect the image of the organization is not the best way.As a successful example of preparation of the press release can lead a note of "Microsoft".Its press releases in the last part always contain a summary of the company.It also sometimes contains information about services, goods.For example, can be carried out any action with a particular software product.The main part of the release it is mentioned in passing, and in the final - as it is text - briefly recalls that, in fact, is a product.If the message mentioned several, such as two or three companies have signed a cooperation agreement, it is desirable to provide a summary of all.