Funded Card: Advantages and disadvantages

Practice shows that the confidence of depositors in the bank deposits in times of crisis plummets.In order not to lose their customers, they have created a new financial instrument - the storage card.The fact that a storage card, as well as its advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in this article.

General concepts

This type of card is no different from ordinary debit cards, except for one thing - it may accrue.Naturally, the bonus money will be transferred to the amount that is available on the account balance.Use deposit funds at any time and at its discretion.Savings card banks can open individuals.Instead, money boxes and purses that are easy to lose such payment instruments have received great trust of citizens.

How to accumulative card

First, we should define the bank in which the customer wishes to receive it.Preference is better to give the public financial institutions, because all contributions to them will be insured.Thus, a citizen who has attained the age of 18 can apply to the bank with a request to issue him the financial product.You will need to write an application to obtain and carefully study all the terms and rates in the future, there was no disagreement.It is also necessary to present an identity document and wait for response manager.For example, the storage card of the Savings Bank will be ready in 10-14 days.In order to know the result, please call the hotline of the bank and ask the operator about the readiness of the payment of the product or go to the nearest branch of a financial institution.

Apply for registration, and can be via the official website of the bank.To do this, go to the section "Paperwork" and fill out the form below.During a certain period of time will answer about the availability of a deposit product or refusal.

Benefits storage cards

Those citizens who use the service accumulation deposit funds in their payment card, get a distinctive advantage over those who do not have this financial product.Now you do not need to carry a pack of money and fear that they might be stolen.In addition to the safety of funds, the customer gets more and more interest on the accumulated deposits, that is, the amount that is in the account.According to the agreement, this amount must be equal to or above the minimum.Each bank their requirements and tariffs.Another advantage is that the client can alleviate the deposit account, but only to a certain level.Of course, it all depends on the conditions of the bank.For example, the storage card of Sberbank gives privileges to those customers, who account more than one hundred thousand.Such persons receive free care through bank cards.In addition, the larger the accumulated funds, the higher the interest rate.

In addition to these benefits, with the help of a given financial instrument can be pay at the store.Also funded card gives the possibility to transfer the interest on the credit card.In some cases, it helps to avoid the registration of the credit.


addition to the advantages of the storage card has shortcomings.For example, you can not withdraw the entire amount from the account through a payment instrument.Otherwise, all the deposit interest may be removed.You also need to be replenished monthly balance on a thousand rubles or more.Naturally, the higher the amount, the greater the percentage, and the passive income of the client.If a person transfers to this map wages, he will not be able to remove it completely.In addition, always have to control their costs, so as not to reach the minimum amount.Some banks do suspend interest charges if the amount on the card falls below the required level.


As can be seen from the above, nothing complicated to get such a universal financial product as the storage card.What you should pay attention - this is the conditions of the bank.In some cases, the inability to get any attractive interest withdrawal on their own need.Also, do not pay extra fees for opening a bank product, as it must be carried out by the bank.

choosing between opening deposit and accumulative card, it's worth to prefer the former.This is explained by the fact that interest on the deposit account will be much higher.

There is another kind of card systems - a cumulative discount card.It practically does not differ from the above.Only you can use it more profitable to pay in shops and supermarkets.There is a special discount system, allowing even more savings.