"Leaves and roots" - a fable by Ivan Krylov

Fables by Ivan Krylov known to us from primary school age.Why, in spite of the deep moral sense, the best works of Russian fabulist is taught in primary school?This is to ensure that children learn as early as possible to assess the good and bad deeds, and rhyming stories Krylov's perfect for this.In this article, we analyze the product "leaves and roots."Fable is ideal not only for the study of the students, but also for home reading.

Summary works

fable "leaves and roots" has a very interesting story, which in itself is noteworthy.That is why before you start a full analysis of the work, let's take a look at its summary.

The narrative begins with the leaves nice talk with marshmallows (here it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that in the story of this fable author calls marshmallows southerly winds) that gently caress them from early morning until late at night.The main characters are complimented by how helpful all around: the travelers are hidden under the canopy of salvation from the heat, the beautiful maiden resorted to him led dances and nightingale chooses a tree for spring chants ... "leaves and roots" fable is very unusual, because to IvanKrylov anyone and did not occur "revive" the crown of the tree.

second part of the poem begins when the leaves are connected to the monologue, saying of the earth roots of a tree on which they grow.Here the product immediately takes another turn at the end of which the individual is registered quatrain its basic meaning.

moral fables "Leaves and roots»

Like all presented rhymed story carries some meaning and draws an analogy with the man."Leaves and roots" - a fable that shows an example of plants haughty attitude toward himself and contempt of others.

Leaves - narcissistic, beautiful and such irreplaceable certainly arrogant.They cite the example of marshmallows are several situations in which Crown, consisting of them, is indispensable for the people ... The story recalls the case of life as a successful actor is proud of its merits, and the surrounding people are often unaware that the key to its popularity - it is painstakingproducer's job - the man is always in the shade.So the roots actually have greater significance, which leaves opinionated obviously forgotten.

«leaves and roots" - a fable with a multifaceted meaning

addition to the basic morality, the presentation of works by Ivan Krylov is a kind of "double bottom".Intuitive meaning of the fable that is not always well-deserved success and recognition.For example, the leaves show a man who was proud of his abilities and had completely forgotten about those who helped him all the time.

Another moral of the poem is that real talent always remain on the sidelines.In times of beingness Ivan Krylov it was really very difficult to get a man with enormous ability who does not have any connection ... And, by the way, so perhaps it always was.Roots in the present work are at the bottom, like a beggar man who sells his work in the hands of those who have more financial opportunities.