How to activate the card of the Savings Bank?

Suppose you asked the Savings Bank of the payment card "Visa" or on the job received in a sealed envelope salary "plastic", which, of course, need to be activated.Why is this procedure?The answer is simple - to ensure that in the future you could use the card: withdraw money, make purchases in stores and similar operations.In this article we describe in detail how to activate the card of Sberbank.

Where to start?

In all cases, the bank issues a card that sealed manila envelope.This is done to a stranger accidentally or deliberately did not recognize your personal PIN number and the card itself.Actually, the PIN code - a few numbers with which you can access the funds lying in your account.Without them your card - just a piece of plastic.Knowing the code, you can withdraw money from an ATM, pay for services;he will need and when you make a purchase in a store.Before you pick up a card and sign on its reception, inspect the envelope - it should not be damaged, it should not be a sign that he was once opened.

How to activate the card of the Savings Bank?

So, after opening the envelope, carefully read your name written on the map.It should not contain errors and typos.Also on the front side must contain the number of the card of 16 numbers and the name of the payment system - most often it is Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, there are others.Then turn the card and put in a special white box sign.Normally, after receiving a "plastic" in the bank, after you have confirmed the correctness of the data prior to the employee, the card is activated automatically during the day.To ensure that it is given in a working condition, just go to the nearest ATM and try to perform any operation.For example, remove a little bit of money or ask for cash balance in the account.If the ATM card and received no indication that it is not in working condition, it means that the plastic can be used.Actually, this is the easiest answer to the question "how to activate the card of the Savings Bank?"

How do different types of active cards

main bank of the country offers the public a variety of types of maps.Let's see how to activate the card Sberbank Visa.Actually, you can do it just as it is written in the previous section: getting plastic in the bank, and then wait a day until the card will result in a working condition.But there are ways to do it faster, that is, do not spend 24 hours on the bank to allow you to use your own money.So, you can conduct operations online.For this there are special terminals, ATMs and other self-service devices.You need to insert the card into the receiver, follow the instructions of the ATM and perform the operation, during which you are prompted for confirmation of a PIN.If you entered it correctly, the primary lock is released, and you will be able in the future to use freely plastic.Incidentally, the same method will be the answer to another question - "how to activate salary card of the Savings Bank?"The right solution - from an ATM, terminal, or wait for hours until the bank will do it for you.If you have any questions about the work of the Savings Bank, as well as you want to get detailed information about the services rendered, the hotline Bank - tel.8-800-555-5550 - around the clock.If you are in Russia, the call will be free for you.

How to activate the card Sberbank "Momentum"?

Map "Momentum" allows its owners to perform the same operations on the account, which are possible with other types of plastic.The only limitation is the amount of withdrawals or purchases a day - it is 100 thousand rubles. And the inability to tie her salary or additional expense.The rest you can use the cards "Momentum" wherever there is a logo of the Maestro (the name of the payment system).The main advantage of this product is that you do not need to pay for the re-release or a service card;and many shops and companies have a special agreement with the Savings Bank of the granting of discounts to customers who pay for the service or product is "momentum".How to activate the card of the Savings Bank of the name?As easy as the last.Upon receipt the bank to do it on their own within 24 hours, or you need to go to the nearest ATM, make operation and to confirm its previously issued PIN.Thus, your card will work, and you can easily withdraw money or to help her pay for their purchases.