25-year-old ex-Viagra named the most beautiful woman of Ukraine

In the final of "Miss Ukraine Universe-2009" in Kiev was named the most beautiful Ukrainian girls.Now represent Ukraine at the prestigious contest "Miss Universe" is Kristina Kots-Gotlib.

«Miss Ukraine Universe-2009" was the ex- "VIA Gra" Christina Kots-Gotlib.In the mini-interview with 25-year-old blonde he said it is not looking for fame, but seeking only the manifestation of its qualities and wanted to be either a model or an actress, or a Goodwill Ambassador.

In addition to flowers, crown, ribbon and diploma Cristina received the keys to the brand new "Merce," a three-year contract with the "Miss Ukraine-Universe" and the annual stipend.

The winners were named: "The fourth vice Miss Ukraine-Universe 2009" - 18-year-old Ekaterina Vetchinkina;"Third Vice Miss Ukraine-Universe 2009" - 20-year-old Ekaterina Antonenko;"Second Vice Miss Ukraine-Universe 2009" - 20-year-old Anna Lapenko.«First Vice-Miss" - 18-year-old Antonina Paperny.

Belles selected by a jury composed of: Sergei jeweler Tsyupko publisher Jaroslav Gres, Russian actors Sergei Zhigunov and Svetlana Svetlichnaya, the owner of "Miss Ukraine-Universe" of Alexander Nikolaenko and the son of a billionaire Donald Trump, Eric Trump.

Recall Christina Kots-Gotlib was born May 2, 1983 in Donetsk.Since childhood, she danced, she played soccer and disassembled household appliances.Seriously he engaged in artistic gymnastics, and even became a master of sports.

After high school, Christina became a student of Donetsk University of Economics and Trade.After a while, Christina began to participate in beauty contests, where she won numerous titles.Among them: "Miss Donbass 2003», nomination «Miss Donetsk»;"Miss Donbass 2004", nominated for "Vice-Miss Decade";«Miss international Black Sea 2003".In late 2005, the group "VIA Gra" goes the soloist and her place goes to Christina, and in April 2006 there was an event which was not expected.

Here's how it told Christina, "Oh!- Sigh beauty.- On all sides and only heard that I was kicked out.It is not true.As it drove?I was fired!And I myself did not know about.I went home for a week - in Donetsk.I tried to phone the producers, but they are turned off mobile phones.And one day I got a call from the person producing center, and said, "You know, Christina, we will not work with you."So I learned that fired. "

After leaving the group she married one of the most influential people of Donetsk.In 2007 there was the return of Christine in the domestic show business.She starred in the video Bogdan Titomir "Do as I do", held several photo shoots with renowned photographers.

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