Divination in the snow

Talking about winter divination, it is impossible to do without the use of magic rituals snow.Snow is not considered part of the natural elements of water, and as an independent natural phenomenon.

Weeding snow

in the bright night some girls are going to weed out the snow.It must be that it was quiet and everyone was asleep.Girls quietly out of the gate, turn in the direction from which the wind is blowing, and cast it toward the snow, if the snow fell fast and noisy, something to be married to the young;if snow fell crooked and dull - something to be the old man.

Some girls weed snow, listening to the barking of dogs, if the dogs barked "thick" votes, to be married to an old man barked "thin" - the young.

Not content with this, take the tablecloth, spilling into her snow.Tablecloth swing through the air, saying, "Paul, the field is white snow in the middle of the field.Hall, lounge, sobachenka, doznatsya betrothed. "Girls listen where and how the voice of the hall dogs: husky barking - betroth

ed old, with privizgom - patient, strong barking -

Endure another snow water, and pour a post, saying: "shall water and wash the snow and white."Take a handful of snow and rubbed his face.Then the girl took a handful of snow, carrying him into the room and there wondering about the color of his narrowing if the normal snow melt and soon, the husband will be quiet;if snow is white and sparkles in the light, it promises a happy marriage.

Snowy signs

In good winter, when the snow is soft and just fell, the girl lay down on the snow, so that no one saw.Early in the morning they go to see what came out a figure: smooth or rough.In the first case the husband is gentle and intelligent, and the second - unkind and grumpy.

There are still night on the flat snow and footprints are judged on future husband, if the track is not visible in the morning or stay nezatoptannym, it will expanse and abundance in the home and many children;If the track is damaged or someone moved it, that is a good sign - the whole life will be held at odds with her husband.

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