Psychologist: Assembled on vacation suitcase talk about internal problems

many, going on vacation, taking with him a lot of things that ultimately do not use - the extra dresses, T-shirts, jewelry, or even too much of slippers.Why do people so often fail to properly collect the suitcase, take a lot of unnecessary things and can not properly assess what is needed in the trip?

This - conversation with the psychologist, the head of the psychological center of "assistance", Anna Khnykin:

- I have an observation: people who travel a lot and often, spend less time gathering and attention.For them, this is nothing more than to go home again.I throw in a bag of a toothbrush and a change of clothes - and you can go!

For other trip - event.For some of them - a world scale.Some collect the whole family ... Of course, you can tell a lot about a person based on his collections.

Firstly, on how to collect the suitcase, we can conclude about the degree of independence and organization.Someone may itself decide everything for themselves and do everything on time, someone will certainly need constant reinforcement from the outside: "You're doing everything right," or "You better do this ...".As if someone other than himself going on a trip, knows how it will be better.

Second, one who is afraid to forget something, probably all too anxious in his life.Imagine coming to you the way how to construct airports and railway stations.Almost everything, except, perhaps, the medicines you can safely buy at almost any stage of their journey.Of course, if you are not traveling to the North Pole.There is, perhaps, nothing that would be absolutely indispensable, or some such thing, the lack of which could spoil the holiday.And if there is - make this the first item in the list.

Most of the problems associated with the collection relates to the following aspects:

- you are traveling with children.Everything is clear: it is really darkness, and it is important to just focus and do not forget.- Do you worry that will prove to be away from home in unfamiliar surroundings without the usual for you the things of which becomes greater the more your anxiety.- The idea that the road will have something to buy more, and that the extra costs, brings you to a state of well-known fisherman who ruled with him on a fishing trip in the end the whole house.- You are using the trip as an opportunity to be "another person": the new, adventurous environment where you will not know when the planned new acquaintances, there is a temptation to impress ...

Ā«From important - to detailsĀ»

Vanity comeswhere there is no clear point.Focus on your purpose of travel, on what you need for it, and everything will fall into place.

compiles a list of the principle "from the important - to detail."Starting from the most important - of the documents and tickets, the most important attributes of your purpose of travel, not to worry about fees at the outset that you are sure that something important will forget.

Spread the stuff on luggage and carry-on baggage: what is needed in the way, and that can be removed away.

All the best - right?

And yet why many take with them on short trips "all the best at once"?

Because the holidays for us - it's the best time of life, holidays - it is always a holiday that want to spend with joy, different from everyday feelings, feeling like a new, better, prosperous ...

woman who can not stay inchoice of wardrobe for the trip, like the shopogolichku Store difficult to make a decision, make a choice, because it is often dictated by the scarcity of something in the outer life.That is, the problem is not in things, and that she wants this thing to substitute something, to "buy": compliments, attention, care, feeling desired, relevant, popular with.

If a man sees his wife like that, he should consider that perhaps it lacks his care and attention.And do not miss out on a good opportunity to make up for it on vacation!

Still not take it with you on vacation a lot of things, because, firstly, a large number of clothing disperses, and secondly, you can kill all the novelty of the situation, which, in general, and creates a rest.

On the other hand, I know people who take with them napkins, cups, lamps, linens, something else is in order to arrange the hotel "a little house."

I am faced with two cases: either it's artists, tired of the constant changes of places, or is very anxious people who are away from home - not good.If you are neither the one nor the other, traditionally a rest - with a minimum of the most convenient things, but as far as the changed environment.One for all

noted that men do not be too picky to their women, if that's what it collects all suitcases - for themselves, for their children and for "that guy" who can it then be accused of nesobrannosti, forgetfulness, as well asthat if he had not, she would not go anywhere at all.

Remember that your lady difficult in this environment feel like a woman, goddesses, and certainly a mistress.Such women are often just tired, her life consists of collection and analysis of suitcases, wiping noses, the content in the order you and the house, by giving to socks, razors pant, therefore, it can not relax on vacation ... and even more tired!

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