Anapa, pension "Ural": reviews.

Located on Pioneer Avenue in the town of Anapa Dzhemete pension "Ural" - one of the few medical institutions in the region assigned to the category "4 stars".


Due to the high level of service and excellent location of the resort was a lot of popularity among Russians.Among the dozens of resorts located in Anapa, boarding house "Ural" - one of the few, which combines treatment with excellent leisure facilities.

It is located a few hundred meters from the sea in an area of ​​five hectares, fully landscaped and well-maintained.Vacationers love the numerous lawns, body, buried in the park, planted with spruce, cypress trees, benches, sitting where, in the evening you can listen to cicadas singing and breathe the mild sea and mountain air at the same time, which is so famous resort of Anapa.Pension "Ural" consists of several buildings - residential, utility and entertainment, which are interconnected warm transitions.

Another difference between this modern multi-disciplinary health center is that it works on the concept of "All Inclusive", unlike most resorts Anapa.Pension "Ural", according to many who have already managed to visit it, is the best choice for relaxation and restoration of health.

of construction is carried out in 2014, and the following year the updated rooms are ready to take all comers.


shallow sea, long bathing season - from May to October - salubrious climate, the sun was two hundred and eighty days a year - that is what attracts many people to the resort town of Anapa.Pension "Ural" has a well-developed infrastructure, fully compliant with its category.On its territory are functioning grocery store "Summer", a mini-market called "All for You", newsstand.The administrative building has an ATM, beauty salon, sports equipment rental, hair dresser.Here you can take things to the dry cleaners or laundry.

Reception is open around the clock.If you want to chat on the move is possible to arrange a transfer or rent a car, then you can order a taxi, sightseeing tours or tickets to performances and concerts.


Hotel "Ural" in Anapa - is not only rest, but also to get rid of many diseases, their prevention and rehabilitation of the body.It treats many chronic respiratory diseases with nonspecific, musculoskeletal and nervous systems, some cardiovascular problems.In the Center specialists can help with chronic gynecological, ENT and urology, skin and many other ailments.There is carried out not only inpatient therapy, but also to confirm the expertise of temporary disability.

specialists when necessary, designate a bath - iodine-bromine, pearl, carbon dioxide, dry, based on beeswax, etc. galvano-, mud and physiotherapy, baths, inhalations, salt chamber, massage, etc.

Housing Fund

of pension "Ural" (Anapa) can simultaneously receive five hundred fifty campers.Its housing is made up of single and double rooms of "standard" and "Studio", which are comfortably furnished - bed, desk, wardrobe, chair, luggage rack.The rooms are a refrigerator, a TV, a radio, a desk lamp.

in double and triple rooms of category "suite" area of ​​fifty and ninety square.meters bedrooms have large beds, in the living room - soft furniture, there is also a safe and mini-bar.

Many of those who like to rest in Anapa, boarding house "Ural", judging from the reviews, memorable stay in a two-storey cottage "Viking" a Deluxe 200 sq.m. with dining and fireplace, private swimming pool with heating, sauna and children's playroom.


Depending on the season, a boarding house "Ural", rest and treatment which are available year-round, changing the cost of the permit.Since the health center operates on an "all inclusive", the price includes transfers, accommodation in the rooms, three meals a day, including on an individual diet, drink at the poolside bar, the tea in a summer cafe.Vacationers can enjoy free tennis courts, a sports and fitness room, library, watch a movie on the summer stage, etc.

Price per person with accommodation in standard rooms in March, November and December - 2990 rubles, and in high season - from four and a half thousand a day.The apartment suites each tourist in July and August will have to pay a daily 7400, and, for example, in April, according to the overcrowding of the pension - from four thousand nine hundred rubles.

minimum term of purchase of permits - seven days.Discounts on "additional seats" for children under four years old are available at half price for adults - by thirty percent.


Hotel "Ural", rest and treatment in which many tourists are estimated at five points, offers three meals a day on the type of "buffet".From the menu, many dishes of Kuban and European cuisine, an abundance of fruits and vegetables.If necessary, doctors prescribe an individual diet, which is fed to a separate table.


an equipped bathing area is three hundred and fifty meters from the administrative building.For the convenience of adults and children twice a day depart from it "firm" train boarding house, which brings holidaymakers to the beach and back to the hotel.On the beach, deckchairs, umbrellas and sunbeds are available for an additional fee.


Many Russians opt for a vacation resort of Anapa is, pension "Ural" especially because of the fact that the acts are a relatively new program called "Mother and Child".It provides high-quality resort-spa treatment and rehabilitation for children aged between four and fourteen years together with an accompanying adult.

For guests coming to rest on the program, specially equipped with the first housing.They are given free cribs and playpens, the menu includes diet meals - porridge, curds and milk soups, casseroles, kompotik and more.

For children there is a lot of fun - Two game rooms, playground in the area, children's pool, gym.Often arranged screenings of cartoons and movies, has a daily entertainment program.For an additional fee you can take advantage of a night nurse.Apparently, this is the reason that many children come to it in a boarding house "Ural" (Anapa).


very hard to find anyone who did not like to stay in the spa facilities.Moreover, many believe that if you choose to relax Anapa - sanatorium "Ural" without any competition.Some Russians, who are already lucky enough to visit it, think that should not even consider other proposals.This is despite the fact that the price level of the institution is difficult to attribute to the class economy.

However, the pension "Ural" (Anapa), which reviews indicate that people really like it, there is almost always crowded.Vacationers like food, where all sorts of delicious, well-groomed area, rooms that are cozy and comfortable.

delight kids from daily trips to the small train to the sea, the gentle sun, the sand on the beach, welcome drink upon arrival - all that many will remember for a long time.A lot of good reviews and the work of the staff and doctors: their care and attention contribute to the speedy recovery.