Key skills for a resume and how to make it right

today at the device on almost any job required a qualitatively written resume.Not all possess this art, so today will investigate it thoroughly and in detail.


Do not worry if you do not know how to prepare and write their key skills in the job, there is a sample easily.You just fill in the main field.Do not think that you do a bad deed, correcting someone else's resume and fill it with your data.It is common practice, so do everything.For a successful interview and job search you just need high-quality and detailed CV, just by looking at that, the employer will stop their search and invite you to the office.Sample - perfect for that option.Also, do not need to reinvent the wheel, coming up with a form to resume, all of you have long been invented.So, ready to take a sample and fill the field.

fill fields

you need to specify not only their name, education and work experience, special attention should be paid to the "key skills" to resume.This section is very important also because it is not clear to everyone that it is there to write.If the first paragraph all like clear, what point is there?I'm a good roast and barbecue potato spud?Let's look in more detail.

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key skills summary:

example in this section assumes that you have to specify their professional skills, revealing your claim to a particular position, and you stood out among other candidates.Thus, the key skills summary should necessarily correspond to the position for which you are applying.To paraphrase this, we can say that we can not and are strictly prohibited to submit the same resume to different intrinsically job.If you want to become a chief accountant, the employer primarily interested in how you get along with the numbers, not people, so that the examples can be mass.However, there are some universal key skills summary: it is, for example, English language proficiency, availability of car and driving experience as well as knowledge of Internet technologies.This you can easily write to any position.Now, if we talk about the particulars, examples may be such:

  1. Accountant: experience of reporting in the program 1C, the ability to use the programs "BEST", "consultant", "Guarantor" office applications.Experience as head of the accounting department, and so on.
  2. Key skills for resume: experience in negotiation, knowledge of technology sales, the successful practice of working, team quality, management experience, and so on.
  3. for programmers in this section should only write them understandable English characters, meaning names of the different programs and programming languages.
  4. Seller in this section may indicate a proactive stance, skills of persuasion and even NLP techniques.

advantages of a good resume

well-written resume today their weight in gold.That is why there are recruitment agencies that help you find a job and arrange a meeting with the employer.However, following these simple tips, you can make yourself a quality resume and find a job.And remember, no matter how good you are an expert yourself or think that if you have a bad resume is made, you will not even be invited for an interview.Take the item more time, the result will not take long.