Occupation Hairdresser: particular skills

Barber - one of the oldest and most sought-after professions.Previously, these people were called barber, barbers and snow crab.Because this profession requires a special skill, the previously experienced hairdressers passed on their knowledge to others, young professionals, and therefore often hairdressing was a family: the father the son reveals its secrets.

Now this case has a narrow focus, and before barbers in addition to haircuts, manicure services rendered, shaving, sometimes performed medical procedures.

Occupation hairdresser: features

In the present case has its own characteristics, facing any modern master:

accuracy.The work requires a master hairdresser jeweler's precision, since one awkward movement can not only ruin all the work, but also hurt the customer.

Sport Training.It would seem, why people choose this profession, you need a good physical shape?But the fact is that to the professionals every day comes a lot of people and artists is not always and extra 5 minutes to drink tea or just sit and relax, as well as the work carried out standing, the comfortable shoes and strong leg muscles need these people.The same applies to the hands: they must be nimble and easy to hold the heavy technical equipment - hair dryers and curling irons, as well as easy to carry for a long stay in a good condition, which requires any haircut.

Innovation.Under this paragraph refers to the desire to master new techniques to master haircuts and hairstyles upgrade in other ways: for example, today a popular hair extensions, their lamination, cutting hot scissors et al., Which require additional knowledge, instruments and chemicals.To remain at the height of his skill, the hairdresser should not be limited by what he had learned on the course, and keep pace with the times, mastering new skills: so it is easy to sustain competition, and patrons would never trade his services.

Occupation hairdresser: the necessary skills

Among professional skills are the following:

  • knowledge of the chemical reactions of the substances used in hairdressing: it is necessary to color the hair of their recovery, lighting and curling.
  • Abstract thinking: it is necessary to represent what should happen after the haircut and hairstyle as "lay down" the hair after blow-drying.
  • Occupation hairdresser involves the development of artistic taste in the wizard to create beautiful combinations of colors and shades when painting.
  • stylistic knowledge: the selection of hairstyles should take into account the general style of the client, his character and manner of dress, to create an image of organically combined with all the elements.
  • Female hairdresser should have and psychological knowledge, as its clientele is more emotional and unpredictable in their preferences: what they want to see the client, may be of a kind of fiction, and the task of a professional - the right to convey information about what hairstyle will look better.
  • Otmennoe understanding of the purpose of each hairdressing tools - another important component of professionalism, in spite of the similarity of the form of scissors, of which there are many kinds: some are used to create a "ragged" strands, the other to form a "ladder", the third need for normal grooming, and so on.d.The same is true of combs, which are necessary for laying: by using two different brushes from the same hairstyle can make two or more kinds of packings.
  • Barber-wagon should know perfectly all the details of men's, women's and children's haircuts, as well as between types of hair care products.Currently, these hairdressers are not very many: the wizard choose one direction and improved it.

Occupation Hairdresser: demand and possible jobs

Today, this art is highly valued in society: gone are the days when the haircut was a luxury available only to the higher strata of the population.

hairdressers have a few options to make money with this craft:

  • get to a beauty salon;
  • work in a hairdressing salon;
  • teach at the school of stylists;
  • private practice.

Fortunately, a hairdresser - not a very specific occupation, and you can get the job done, even in the smallest villages with poor infrastructure.