Fertilizers for lawns in spring and summer

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Most people who have their own plot or dacha, in the spring begin to think, how to fertilize the ground, especially if they are new to this business.

Why fertilizer for the lawn?

If you have your own cottage or country house, then surely you have a lawn.Why do we need the fertilizer for the lawn in the spring?Plants that you are growing, including ordinary grass, you need a lot of nutrients.In the spring of this is necessary to watch very carefully, because it is in this season, you can achieve the best results.Grass needs nutrients for its healthy appearance and condition.If you regularly fertilize your lawn, it will be a beautiful, bright green and very thick.The thicker it is, the higher the resistance to hot dry days and various diseases.Thanks
spring fertilizer, you get rid of unwanted moss or weed.Fertilizers make the grass grow faster.So if you always want to admire its beautiful site, regularly use the dressings, which are now to be found in any store, occupies the landscaping.

What fertilizer for the lawn in the spring needed to, he always kept his healthy appearance?

When you choose a fertilizer, pay attention to its composition.It should contain all the essential nutrients.What spring fertilizer needed most?

1) Nitrogen have to be at the beginning of the list.It was thanks to him that the grass retains its nice bright green color and is growing rapidly.If you use fertilizer, which is composed of nitrogen, we can not be afraid that they will remain on the soil surface.Lawn fertilizers with nitrogen in the spring it is best to use in the warmer months.Then they will bring the best results.

2) Pay attention to the fact that the composition should be present phosphorus .Thanks to him, the grass starts growing much earlier than usual, stronger and more powerful than it was before.Use fertilizers containing phosphorus can be in the fall or early spring.

3) Potassium - is also very important nutrient for the health of your lawn.It promotes the most rapid germination of plants and increases their resistance to various diseases.Fertilize the grass with this nutrient can also fall or spring.To please your lawn this substance, you can choose a fertilizer for the lawn in the spring "foppish".

What are the fertilizer for the care of the site?

1) Fertilizer for the lawn in the spring "foppish" - a great choice for this season.It contains all the essential nutrients and minerals.Feeding is responsible for the rapid growth of grass and beautiful appearance.

2) Bona Forte - This fertilizer can be used in both summer and autumn.The mixture contains all necessary substances which can even be dissolved in water and produce a fertilizing irrigation.

3) "NPK" intended for the care of clay and sandy soils.Only in this way you get the best use of lawn fertilizers.Spring, summer - this is the perfect time of year for this process.

4) "Ammophos" - fertilizer, which contains the maximum amount of phosphorus, which is so important for optimal growth of grass and its health.

Under what weather it is best to fertilize the lawn?How to use the fertilizer for the lawn in the spring?

With the advent of garden equipment everyone thinks of when it is better to carry out feeding.When it is better to use a fertilizer for the lawn?Spring, summer - is the best season.

Before you are ready to feed the soil, carefully listen to the weather forecast for the week, but you can in the longer term, if there is such possibility.If now the street is dry weather, but soon rain is expected, it is the best time to fertilize.Dampness promotes the best absorption of nutrients the soil.This method of fertilizer is best suited for normal green grass.

If it's hot, it is best at this time not to engage in feeding.But if the drought has been observed for a sufficiently long period, it is recommended to make a self-watering herb.After that, until the soil is still wet, use a spring lawn fertilizers.

How to implement lawn fertilizer?

There are several ways to use fertilizer for the lawn in the spring.But there is one important rule when feeding of the soil.No matter what kind of method you choose, you should always ensure that it is uniform across the area of ​​the site.If somewhere fertilizing you will have less, then this place may form a spot or burn.

fertilization manual method is the simplest.This method uses the most, because it does not need any additional tools.In this first need fertilizer evenly distribute nutrients all along the lawn, and then across.This can be done hands, wearing special gloves to avoid unwanted cuts, or use a special device with a nozzle for fertilizer.The store offers a lot of different accessories, from which you can choose the most convenient and suitable for you.

What other methods to podkarmlivaniya land?

1) fertilizers in the form of an aqueous solution. Modern stores can easily find the nutrients that can be dissolved in water.Once you have planted fertilizer, pour the mixture into a watering can and walk on the lawn.This method is suitable for those whose area does not take up much space.Otherwise, it will take a very long time.Then, instead of watering is better to use a special spray, which can quickly do the work.

2) mechanical method also quite often used for fertilizing the land.The method consists in the fact that you simply place the fertilizer in a dry form in a metal planter.Then you just gently carry any portion of it.Using this method a fertilizer is most evenly.After work, clean the drill well so as not to damage the wall.

What other rules must be followed when fertilizing land in the spring?

read the article, you know, what fertilizers are needed for the lawn in the spring.But when you have to feed their land, remember that it is not necessary to go to far.Overdose has never works for the lawn grass and other plants.You can just ruin the soil and the grass will grow there at all.But if she had grown up, and you notice her burns, then carefully start watering it.This will help to correct the situation, and after a while the grass is fully restored.If your lawn is fairly young, do not use fertilizers.And if it is a brand new, it can be podkarmlivaniya not earlier than one year.Owners turf is recommended to do this every six months.