Effective protection of wood from moisture and rotting

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tree - a building material that combines the unique properties.It is easy to get right in nature.As a result, it is one of the most widely used materials.Thanks to its use in the construction of designers appear many new solutions due to a beautiful view of the tree, as well as its environmental friendliness.However, wood is characterized some specifics.Each of them must be considered, since the construction of wooden houses.

Pros and cons of wood

course, wood - this is a very beautiful material.Products made her look expensive and solidly.In addition, they have a beautiful natural scent that will fill any room with freshness.However, compared with a brick and a stone material has a number of disadvantages.For example, it quickly begins to decompose if it acted upon by external stimuli.Wood protection against moisture and rot in this case is simply necessary.Because otherwise the building will look ugly, and later it can be completely destroyed.

Features wood material

As noted above, the wood combines a number of features.Each of them has certain disadvantages.Let us consider them in more detail:

  • is bystrovosplamenyayuschimsya material.Therefore desirable that the wiring was held on its surface.If the house is completely wooden, should establish a quality system of fire.
  • The tree is afraid of water.Under her influence, it can swell, so it is advisable to at least the room was damp.
  • various microorganisms also adversely affect the tree.These include fungi, molds and bacteria.Under their influence begins the destruction of the original structure of the material.Protection of wood against rot occurs in various ways.Frequently use special tools that slows down time on this process.But if the rot has spread to a large area, it is necessary to reconstruct.

Biological protection

One of the biggest enemies of wood material are various microorganisms.This is not only fungi but also algae, as well as certain insects.In most fungi acclimatized in a wet environment, where they have enough nutrients.To make them completely anchored here, it takes a few hours.That is the time to notice and eliminate this pest is almost no one can.Although the first signs of the presence of microorganisms visible there: on wood appear black or gray spots, blue, it becomes damp.

But the worst enemy for a wooden dwelling house is a mushroom.If the premises are favorable conditions for its development, he can destroy all the floorboards in the past month.And get rid of this pest is very difficult.Previously, it was decided to burn the house where lived a guest that it is not settled neighbors.

biological protection of wood from moisture and rotting is a warning wetting wood materials during their use.To make this possible, you should try to reduce the amount of evaporated water in the bathroom and kitchen.After all, if the humidity is even a little increase, change and humidity of the wood.As a result, it will begin to swell, crack, rot.Protect from moisture - it is a very important process that should pay attention to all the owners of wooden houses.

main causes of decay

wood is very vulnerable, so it is easily subject to decay.Therefore, any wooden object must carefully handle the special tools.Consider a few basic causes of rotting wood:

  • humidity.This is the worst enemy of any object made of wood.Many times it was observed that the interior doors in the bathroom and the kitchen are often increased in volume.This happens because of the swelling.To get rid of this trouble, you should bring moisture damage the door to a warm place.Over time, it has to return to the previous size.If you do not want to wait, you can use the jigsaw to cut the edges and a little door.That is why it is important to protect the wood from moisture.
  • Due to frequent changes in temperature tree that narrows or expands.As a result, its structure is broken, it becomes crumbly.
  • The wood accumulates a large amount of moisture that comes out of it.This leads to the fact that it swells greatly.
  • freezing in winter.
  • contact with the ground, so in the room and there is high humidity.


rotting fungus that affects the tissue is completely of wood, is considered to be a formidable threat.It can not only damage the structure of the material, but also hit a log cabin, a bath or even a gazebo.Therefore, the protection of wood from moisture and rotting - this is an important and indispensable stage in the process of building a home.Typically, such a microorganism is increasingly affecting the wood that has been cut down more recently.To determine the degree of damage, you just have to look at the boards or beams.If they are browning, porous dips or depressions, the process of decay has begun.And the sooner rehabilitation starts the material, the greater the chances of his recovery.

protect the wood from rotting involves the use of special surface treatments that are based on chemical components.One of the most effective coatings are those which have been performed on silicone basis.They are characterized by high biological resistance.

How to choose the right tool?

Choosing a protective coating, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the object.For example, if it is located in a damp area, it is best to look for a tool that will protect the wood from the constant temperature changes.Typically, these drugs remain in effect for 12 years.There are multi-functional agent.They are designed not only to protect buildings from decay, but also protect from spontaneous combustion.Street construction (terraces, pavilions) to better handle those funds that are difficult to wash out.They are much more expensive, but their effectiveness is maintained for 35 years.For some buildings (especially residential houses and baths) requires quality protection of wood from moisture and rotting.Senezh - one of the best options, because it copes with all pests, and its validity is maintained for 20 years.

processing technology

If you do not know how to protect the wood, it is best to use the instructions below:

  1. material should be thoroughly cleaned from dust and dirt, which will prevent the penetration of a special composition.
  2. To remove all unnecessary gaps, you can use sandpaper.It is desirable that it be small, since it can help to make it will be much faster.
  3. Gently rinse with warm water boards.You can use and detergents.It is desirable that they are not too foamed.
  4. your tree to dry completely.
  5. Apply protectant.

processing features

tool from rotting wood must be applied very carefully.Treat him to be very careful to ensure the safety of yourself.It is important that the substance does not fall into the eyes, mouth, and even for any skin.If that had happened, the damaged area should be rinsed with water.If the protection of wood from moisture and rotting applied by spraying, it is necessary to ensure the security of the respiratory system.At the moment, there is a great variety of different drugs and drugs used to rotting wood.Therefore, since the construction of the house, do not be afraid that it will soon be destroyed.

Increased waterproof plywood

Of course, the most appropriate way to improve the water resistance of plywood - is to stop the ingress of moisture on it.If the walls of the house are covered with sheets of plywood, for their protection should be made large roof overhangs.Upholstering its environment, you must attach it so that the outer fibers are vertical.Plywood is well protected against moisture, if it is thoroughly soaked with linseed oil.Before applying it should be a little heated, that it is better absorbed.Repeat procedure should be as long as plywood no longer absorb the varnish.

How to stop the process of decay?

If the rot has begun to restore the damaged areas will not succeed.But to stop the spread of this process is still possible.To do this, the affected area is cut down with an ax or chisel.It is desirable to capture and healthy part of the wood, which can be harmful fungus spores.The resulting hole is installed metal rod and then all carefully puttied.

Why painting wooden structures?

protect the wood from moisture and rotting involves not only the use of specific products, but also paints.Painting - a rather time-consuming process, as it takes a long period of time.Before its beginning is necessary to remove the previous layer of paint.To do this, it applied a weak solution of sodium hydroxide (or soda water).After some time, the paint will be softer, so it can easily be removed with a scraper.Also to be found in the sale of special solutions that help remove old paint types.

Wood - a living material, so it is necessary to paint, adhering to specific requirements.Otherwise, after a while the paint flaked off completely withdraw.Be sure that the tree under painting was dry as possible.It is therefore desirable to paint only in the summer, when the weather is dry.Before painting the surface can be primed.Better use only oil paints which form a waterproof film.

There are also Swedish and Finnish paint.They are durable, cheaper, do not require removal of the old coating.But they should not be applied on old oil paint.That is, they are only suitable for coating fresh dry wood.In addition, it is advisable to start completely obessmolit tree.It's enough to wipe the problem areas with acetone or alcohol.