How to open a current account at Sberbank for SP

individual entrepreneur, as opposed to a legal person, does not need to open a current account.However, due to the fact that for the full and legitimate activities, he will still need, many immediately wonder how IP open a current account at Sberbank.

Why Savings?

Like any other bank, the Savings Bank has plenty of both positive and negative qualities.However, it is for individual entrepreneurs proposed conditions quite favorable, compared to other financial institutions.In addition to direct favorable conditions for opening and maintaining accounts, the added benefits of the Savings Bank is a large number of service points, which greatly facilitates the work of entrepreneurs, making it more comfortable and fast.

Sberbank is also characterized by a very high reliability, that so many people concerned about their vehicles and want to open a current account at Sberbank for PI plays an important role.No one wants to one day come to the bank, to know that all his accounts frozen as the organization went bankrupt.The chance that this will happen with the Savings Bank, is extremely minimal.

The benefits of having an account

Due to the current account, SP is able to efficiently carry out any financial transactions cashless way: pay for goods and services, receive payments from other organizations and individuals, and so on.Since legal persons are obliged to make all payments only through a bank account, the absence of such individual entrepreneur can greatly complicate, if at all negate all attempts to co-operation with partners.

In addition, if you open a current account at Sberbank for the IP, can be entered into the plastic card payment terminals.Previously, it was not particularly important, but recently more and more people are realizing the profitability, reliability and safety of plastic cards and use them much more willing and more.So the presence of the possibility to pay for goods or services of a plastic card may attract more potential customers SP.

Card Account

We should not forget that to withdraw money from the account in cash is not always advantageous and convenient.However, if the tie by SP to the cards issued specifically for this purpose, can be freely translated it means, and then, if necessary, to cash them.All this suggests Sberbank.

Open an account IP it is easier and faster than most other banks, and high reliability and a small service fee will comfortably and confidently use their account.Also, this plastic card to help more profitable and convenient to pay off not only in Russia but in other countries that can be very useful to entrepreneurs who are planning to conduct international operations.

Requirements for IP

As such claims directly to the individual entrepreneur Sberbank not.However, there is a definite list of necessary papers that SP is obliged to provide to the bank as open a current account for individual entrepreneurs, contract documents or any other documents which do not meet the requirements of the law, it is simply impossible.

to any claims against the individual entrepreneur was not a part of the bank or by the legislature is required to provide:

  • account application;
  • certificate about registering in the tax (it should assure a notary);
  • certificate of state registration of IP (and notarized);
  • copy of an extract from EGRIP (from the date of issuance of such a statement to the opening of the current account should not go more than one month, otherwise it will not be valid);
  • copy of the relevant certificate from the bodies of statistics;
  • copy of the license, if the activity of the individual entrepreneur is subject to licensing;
  • copy of the passport of the entrepreneur;
  • seal impression and signatures of all persons who in one way or another will have access to a current account (chief accountant, deputy senior manager, etc.).

After providing all of the securities account will be opened in the near future.

Terms Sberbank

According to what the user says, opening a bank account for the SP, rates and charges for its opening and maintenance can be changed, depending on the territory where the opening occurs.The average payment directly for the very open-ended in the area of ​​2,000 rubles, and the monthly service ranges from 1,500 rubles.

In addition, there can also write an application for connection of Internet banking and corporate card.Such financial instruments often eliminate the need to visit the bank (and, consequently, will not need to waste time on stage) and allow to easily and simply cash out the required amount.


As mentioned above, the advantages of Sberbank are many, especially for those who want to open an account for the SP in the Savings Bank.What you should know most entrepreneurs who are looking for a financial institution, which has agreed to open an account for them, it is the fact that in the Savings Bank of the funds will be perfectly safe.The reliability of this organization has no equal among the other Russian banks.In addition, the convenience and ease of maintenance, the relatively low rates, no hidden fees and charges, and a huge number of branches and offices in all cities of the country - all of which help to make the right choice.


As in any other organization, the Savings Bank, there are downsides.Despite the vast number of points of service, the number of its customers is so large that very often in offices have to stand in queues.Naturally, it is not acceptable for an individual entrepreneur whose time is worth money.However, once having stood in line to open a current account at Sberbank for IP, should immediately apply for connection and internet banking and plastic card to the account.With the ability to provide such financial instruments in the future a visit to the bank can be minimized.


Summarizing all the above, we can conclude that open a current account at Sberbank for IP will be a very profitable and easy solution for the majority of citizens.Maybe in another bank can be found lower rates of service, account opening or other bonuses that are not provided by Sberbank, but when it comes to cash, it is recommended to overpay a little bit, and be absolutely sure of their safety.This is much better than constantly twitch and worry about whether tomorrow will work with your account or the bank suddenly closed (or his license taken away).

In fact, the reasons for which one or another financial institution can suddenly freeze money in the account businessman, very much, and not all of them depend directly on the bank, but if it is possible, these risks should be minimized.One thing - if the movement of the account will be stopped for a short time, and will be broken any one contract, it is very unpleasant, but tolerable, and quite another thing - if, after receipt of an entrepreneur large amount of its accounts "suddenly" will reportedly arrested, frozen,closed, etc.