Volkhov HPP: description and photo.

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As you know, Alessandro Volta invented the first electric battery in 1800, the year.After seven decades appeared the first power plant, and this event forever changed the life of mankind.Many of them were technically imperfect and very soon gave way to more efficient stations.However, among the power plants were also long-lived.For example, the Volkhov hydroelectric station, which operates today, was one of the first built during the Soviet era.It is recognized as a monument of science and technology and is considered one of the industrial sites of Leningrad region.


Russia - a country flowing rivers, so in the early twentieth century, many inventors began to develop projects on the use of its hydropower potential.Do not remain without attention and the river Volkhov.On the map of our country it is easy to find, since it is the only one flowing out of Lake Ilmen.And it's not her last feature, as Volhov has the ability to change direction.This occurs when the water level is low and ilmenite by backwater supply water.

Volkhov HPP history project

idea of ​​building a hydroelectric power station on the river Volkhov first nominated engineer GO Graftio in 1902.Twelve years later, he upgraded his subject the appearance of more powerful turbines and presented to the government of tsarist Russia.The project has not caused much interest among officials, and went, as they say, under the carpet.In 1917, the engineer managed to interest their child interim government, which sanctioned the preparatory work for the construction of a new hydropower plant.They lasted only a few months and have been suspended because of the revolution and the events leading to the collapse of the economy.The second attempt to start the construction of hydropower plants on the river Volkhov was undertaken with the assistance of Lenin in 1918, but it was soon rejected.And only in 1921, the hydroelectric power station was included in the electrification plan.


Volkhov hydropower plant will soon be celebrating its 95th anniversary.It was so many years ago, the Soviet government adopted a resolution on its construction.And in the document adopted at the meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the RSFSR eighth convocation, it was stated that the object will help solve the problem of electricity in Petrograd and put an end to the protracted fuel crisis.In addition, in 1922 the government of the RSFSR was instructed the relevant authorities to cooperate fully with Volkhovstroy.As a result of the heroic efforts of the workers in July 1926 began operation of a new hydroelectric power station gateway, allowing open through navigation on the river Volkhov.When the device of the reservoir was flooded 10 thousand hectares of farmland.

operating history

Inauguration Volkhov hydropower plant took place in December 1926.Then it was started up three hydroelectric and the rest were activated within the next 12 months.At that time, Volkhov hydroelectric power was 58 MW.In subsequent years it was gradually increased, and by the early '40s it was 66 MW.

When approaching the front lines in HPP forty-first year of the Volkhov hydroelectric equipment dismantled and removed.Fortunately, the Germans failed to capture the strategically important object, and the fall of 1942, when the situation stabilized somewhat, three hydraulic unit were re-assembled and put into operation.In addition, on the bottom of Lake Ladoga route the cables, and from that moment Volkhov hydropower plant (photo of the period almost no) began to play a crucial role in power supply of besieged Leningrad.In parallel with this work we were to bring the power of the object to the pre-war figures, what has been achieved by October 1944, and the full restoration of HPP was completed in 1945.

In subsequent decades, Volkhov hydroelectric plant operated smoothly, and in 1966 for the creative work of its team was given the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


Between 1993 and 1996, the years Volkhov hydroelectric plant, a photo of which give an idea of ​​its architectural appearance, has been upgraded.In particular, the replacement of three hydraulic units produced in the more powerful 12 MW each.Initially it was planned to replace the rest of the turbine, however, due to lack of funds, this process is significantly delayed.Whatever it was, at the end of 2007 we entered into an agreement to replace the first hydroelectric plant that was able to carry out only two years later.At the moment, the modernization of the Volkhov hydroelectric station has not yet been completed.It is expected that after the replacement of hydraulic units of its capacity will be increased to 98 MW.

HPP today

Volkhov hydropower plant is among the low-pressure channel.As part of its facilities include:

  • concrete spillway dam 212 meters long;
  • powerhouse;
  • rybohodnoe construction;
  • chamber shipping lock;
  • floodgate;
  • ledozaschitnaya wall having a length of 256 meters.

average annual electricity generation Volkhovskaya power is 347 million. KvVtch.The power plant building are ten Francis hydraulic units working at a head of 11 meters.Pressure constitute Volkhov hydroelectric power dam.Its area is 2.02 square meters.km, and the useful capacity - 24.36 million. cubic meters.


As already mentioned, Volkhov HPP is an interesting monument of science and technology, so there are always many who want to visit this site and get acquainted with its design features.You must be pre-recorded on an organized tour group, which is only possible upon presentation of a passport.The program of this trip includes a guided walk through the dam, visit the museum-apartment of Henry Osipovich Graftio and the computer room, as well as get acquainted with the history of the dam.Also, if before you map the Volkhov, you looked closer, you will see that next to the dam is full of interesting sights.In particular, if you want you can visit the City Museum and the Church of the Archangel Michael.

Volkhov hydroelectric power station on the map

get to the hydroelectric power station can be on the train, which departs from the Moscow railway station to railway station "Volkhov", or in a car on the highway "Cola".Find HPP will help you map Volkhova presented below, in which you need to find the address of: street Graftio House 1.

Now you know what famous Volkhov hydropower plant, the role played by the object in the livelihood of the siege of Leningrad, and what awaits him in thefuture.