How to draw a pen tattoo on her arm in stages

tattoo appeared many centuries ago and is still popular.Ancient tribes applied intricate patterns and symbols with a certain value.They believed that the image of the gods on the body will bring them prosperity and happiness.Now it is a popular way of expression, which carries an informative way and is an important reminder, for example: Fac fideli sis fidelis - "Be faithful to the one who is faithful to you."And in this area there is also progress.Apart from permanent tattoos there is time, which are also made in the salon or at home.In this article, we'll show you how to draw a tattoo on his arm pen stages.

Stage 1 - Select Tools

various gel or ordinary pens.For a beautiful picture better vvzyat different colors to emphasize the idea and make more expressive contours.You will also need a stencil pattern, hairspray and warm water.And, of course, the main tool - is both of your hands.One you will be artfully applied pattern and the other ready to admire the masterpiece.Immediately determine which portion of the hand you want to put the tattoo.There are lots of options: scapula, humerus, wrist or wrist.And then we learn how to draw a pen tattoo on his arm.

Step 2 - Select the figure

So, you like tattoos, but until you decide to make permanent.Go ahead, make a trial and make sure you need it or not.First, select the drawing, picture or inscription.This image can be invented or taken from the Internet or literature.Now the relevant inscription as a call to action or a reminder of an important truth.And you can easily make any liked tattoo gel pen.For a more precise and beautiful figure is better to use a stencil.Take a picture harvested and carefully cut along the lines.It is useful to us soon.Of course, who has the ability to draw, can do without the workpiece.

3 stage - allergotesta

skin on the hand is very soft and sensitive.Therefore, if you do decide to draw a tattoo on the arm handle, use products proven manufacturer.Penetration defective material in the epidermis can cause irritation or allergic reaction.The body can not take certain substances and cause an instant reaction of redness of the skin area where the paste was applied.This can be determined by a simple allergotesta.Spend on the arm handle a small line and wait for 3 minutes.If there are no side effects, safe to get to work.To learn how to draw a tattoo on the arm handle, we learn in the next stage.

Stage 4 - technology implementation

Actually, we got to the main stage, where we have to cope with the task.Applying a ready template, fixing plaster to avoid slipping.And clearly along the lines of the image outlines.And for those who have decided to do without a stencil, is an auxiliary algorithm.How to draw a pen tattoo on his arm without blanks?Very simple!

  1. To start make easy sketch, do not limit ourselves with, for this artist has no boundaries.
  2. Now make clear baster main parts.Unsuccessful or curved lines can be erased with warm water.
  3. Take portrayal of fine details and make them expressive.
  4. finish outline of the main parts, and do not forget to circle the basic outlines of the sketch.
  5. now draw additional details to make the picture more saturated.
  6. After draw out all defects, unfinished lines and contours.
  7. Apply basic outline of an image and paint the different parts of the handles.
  8. Wait until the paste dries and enjoy the result.

Stage 5 - consolidate the results

To tattoos are not blurred, secure it with hair spray.Thus, the longer it will continue and acquire a nice shine and color.In any case, if you do not like the work done, you can wipe with warm water and draw a new one.Skill comes with experience and a large number of attempts to achieve perfection.So you learned how to draw a tattoo on his arm handle.

little about the history of tattoos

known that the first tattoo recorded in ancient Egypt, but in common parlance, the term appeared only in 1773.Navigator Cook coined the word in his report about the images on the body of the inhabitants of Oceania.Officially, the document was issued only tattoo in 1856 - in the medical dictionary.Of course, if people did not know how to draw a pen tattoo on his arm, and used natural materials, we produced a special blend.Currently, the term is quite popular and has a line in all languages.

Featured offers modern salons

body jewelry tattoo occurs by penetration of a special dye into the upper layers of the epidermis.Professional masters will help to realize your dream.Consider the classification of the tattoo:

  • By the time

time - this is the picture that suffered without a needle and special paint.And follow the pattern brush or wand.The most common base paint used henna, is harmless grass dark brown.This kind of tattoo is coming off a month, every month so you can experiment and create new and unique drawings.

Permanent tattoos are applied with a special machine needles and tattoo ink.The deep penetration of ink into the layers of the skin provides a nearly tattoo for life.

  • Style

Conventional - defined symbols, signs, designs, which emphasize the individuality and self-expression of the individual.

Cosmetic - application of permanent makeup or tattooing in order to save time and cosmetics.This tattoo is designed for a period of 2 to 5 years depending on the professionalism of the master.

  • The style

Pop artovskoy - known fashion symbols relating to a particular field, such as marine, or vintage musical signs.

Nature - the use of environmental objects in the tattoo, plants, flowers and animals.

Japanese - a complex form of tattoos, applying the Japanese symbols and characters.

So you learned a lot of new and interesting things about the history of tattoos, style and fashion offers salons.But the main thing - now you know how to draw a pen tattoo on his arm.