Bedlington Terrier dog.

Bedlington Terrier has a very unusual appearance - it looks like a fluffy lamb and elegant, this charming cloud with lively and expressive eyes and a pink tongue.But make no mistake, with the appearance of plush toy lies a fearless fighter and a clever hunter.

History of breed

Experts say that the first record of the terrier, similar to Bedlington, named Flint Antiquities owned Squire Trevelyan, it refers to the end of the XVIII century.

these animals lived in the area of ​​Rothbury in Northumberland, so at first the breed was named Rothbury Terriers.These dogs are trained to hunt rabbits and rats poison.In addition, they were the Norns hunting badgers and otters.Perhaps, crossing them with those awarded whippet terrier arched back and the ability to run fast.The successful combination of speed and endurance greyhounds terrier dogs made of these magnificent hunters.Breed Bedlington Terrier was most prevalent around Bedlington.In 1825, it got its present name.

Bedlington Terrier, known for his bravery and hunting aggression, exhibited at the battles with the foxes and badgers, which are almost always triumphed.

the middle of the XIX century on the breed noticed breeders who took up her improvement.As a result of breeding these dogs have lost most of their nastiness and aggressiveness.They have become great companions.In the middle of the XIX century saw the first standard for the breed, and in 1877 was registered by the club and fans of these dogs.


Bedlington Terrier dog - a small animal, a height not exceeding 40 centimeters.She is muscular, but at the same time very elegant and flexible, has a pear-shaped head, with a narrow, deep and rounded skull.Go Stop: invisible, from the occiput to the nose should form a straight line.Jaws strong, with a scissor bite.The ears are triangular in shape with rounded tips.They are very thin, low set and the adjacent cheeks.Eyes shining, small and round.A look soft.

According to the standard flexible and muscular body terrier should be slightly longer than its height at the withers.The back is arched, chest deep, the front legs are slightly shorter than the hind paws like a hare have thick pads.The tail is carried low.At the base of it is thick, and the tip - narrowed.

Coat and color

Bedlington Terrier has a very unusual coat.It is silky, thick, feels like cotton wool.On the face and head curled in small ringlets.On the head it forms almost snow-white cap.On the ears, it is thin, short and very bright.On eartips trim brush.


Many experts say that the Bedlington Terrier - a dog with the appearance of a lamb and a lion's heart.One can hardly argue with the statement given, because for a long time these animals were used as hunters and fighters.Therefore, today, they have not lost their courage.

However, judging by the reviews of the owners, the dog bedligton Terrier - a wonderful family companion.They communicate well with children, willing to play with them.Can friends and a cat, but if you know her from childhood.A strange cat he would good-naturedly to drive on the street.

Again, referring to reviews of the owners, it can be concluded that the Bedlington -terer photo, which is not uncommon emblazoned on the covers of magazines about dogs, the most docile and obedient of his large family.He quickly understands and accepts the rules of behavior in the home, where he lives.According to his own will never get into a fight, preferring to ignore the provocations aimed at him.But if the attack can not be avoided, it will react with lightning speed and violently, like a terrier!

Even adult Bedlington Terrier loves to play, but if the owner is not the time to engage in them, he would go to the side and quietly lie down.Features


Although Bedlington Terrier endowed by nature with angelic appearance, it is a serious dog that requires self respect on the part of man.

We have already mentioned that today individuals have lost their wickedness of their ancestors, but they have kept their stubbornness and courage.Members of the family in which they live, what they perceive as relatives - all of them are very fond of, with them affectionate and playful, very bored when left alone.

With Friendly relations are formed not so smooth.Bendlington Terrier has a very highly developed hunting instinct, and therefore can be dangerous for small animals, and those dogs who tend to dominate, Bedlington may enter into fierce battles.These sobaki- "sheep" run very fast, and the task of the owner - with puppyhood to teach them to return to the call.


Bedlington Terrier photos that you see in this article, loves to always get what he wants.That is why it should be given the opportunity to use his irrepressible energy, ingenuity, intelligence, doing interesting things.

Bedlington Terrier will never be a lap dog.It is recommended to visit with a pet obedience training, participate in agility or book club burrowing dogs.


Bedlington Terrier by nature endowed with good health.However, as with all other animals, it has a predisposition to certain diseases.These dogs are eye disease - glaucoma, retinal atrophy, entropion eyelids, distichiasis.Puppies up to a year is often increased tear production, which experts explain teething.

noted increased susceptibility of dogs of this breed to viral infections, so timely vaccination for these animals is particularly important.Some breed lines are prone to hip dysplasia, ectopic ureter, epilepsy.

Care and maintenance

Unusual wool these terriers should not trimmingovat.Her shorn twice a year.The body and the mind is left very short hair and in the limbs - longer.To avoid inflammation of the view from puppyhood it is necessary to teach a dog to wash his eyes and clean wool around them.

Bathe these dogs should be the extent of pollution and the comb is recommended once a week.Bedlington Terrier in need of attention by the owner, it requires active walks and activities that provide work for a strong body and high intelligence, so they do not fit entirely too busy or inexperienced person.

Education puppy

Dog breed Bedlington Terrier from an early age should be raised consistently.Their training will require patience and perseverance of the owner, because the mind and intelligence have combined with stubbornness, and sometimes with aggression.Puppies should be closely familiar with cats and other small pets.Pet must understand that this is not the mining and playmate.During the day, small Bedlington should be engaged in some affair.If this class does not come up with the owner, the puppy will do it myself than the owner is unlikely to bring pleasure.

Bedlington very attached to the man, but, more importantly, they are very sensitive to the tone of voice.If they had a fight, they become so miserable that rare human heart will not tremble and do not have a desire to feel sorry for the poor beast.

But should feel slack terrier owner (and they do it masterfully), they become stubborn and unmanageable animals, so training a puppy should be solid (not to be confused with the brutal) and consistent.

At an early age to get rid of all the habits drip everywhere barking.It is in the nature of kids.Not too noticeable in puppyhood, these habits in the adult dog will cause dissatisfaction with the owners - the endless barking and dug garden few people give pleasure.From a young age Bedlington should know that the people - the main house, and he would have to obey his commands.

Bedlington Terrier - reviews of the owners

Regarding this dog breeders opinions are divided.Experienced owners are happy that in their house there was this charming little dog.They understand each other, no problem.They appeared cheerful and affectionate friend, a wonderful companion.

harder for newcomers in the dog.Indulging in a little ball, they brought home a few months ago, they often turn it into a domestic tyrant, which then can not cope.

This is exactly what we said in the article.Berligton smart and can handle it a hard man who has experience training other dogs.