Professional activity - what is this?Professional activities : scope , purpose, types , features

Professional can be called the sphere of socially oriented, purposeful activity.Depending on the purpose of the system and the criteria are different ways to limit the subject matter of this area.

What professional activities?

select only the essential features of which are obvious, and under which it makes sense to call a professional activity.

  • system of knowledge and experience.First of all, when it comes to professionalism, the basis should be aware of some skills, without which it is impossible collectively to become a professional.
  • conceptual system.You can not relate to the subject area of ​​the person, if he does not own professional language.
  • methodology.The ability to apply the acquired knowledge in real life.

summarize: professional activity - a system of knowledge based on the experience of its application.The practice is on the one hand, the result of the development, and the other - the basis for further growth.

professional field

order to classify areas of expertise should be given strict selection criteria.Otherwise there is a risk of inconsistency in the study of the subject, which is quite extensive.Let's take as a basis the most obvious postulates.

can say that there are intellectual and physical labor.It is clear that physical work, even the toughest demands intellectual resources, but is not limited to them.

Areas of professional activity:

  • humanitarian (target - people);
  • natural science (nature);
  • social (society).

Professional activity - is the production of socially significant goods or services in the public sphere.

Goals and motives

Goal - a certain time and space idea of ​​the final result.It can be personally and professionally.Interests may be the same, in which case there is a strong personal motivation for professional development.Objectives of professional activity - is important indicator in determining the levels of professional development.If there is no understanding of the purpose and activities of a landmark, it does not make sense to talk about professionalism.Even if the work is carried out in a narrow field of objective environment, in this case, the goal is to limit the amount and the stage to perform a deeper, fundamental problem.

Psychology of professional activity - the science of the laws of human development in the subject environment, which attaches great importance to goal setting.

purpose of the teacher, for example, may be the victory of his students in the regional Olympic Games on the subject.Here are connected and personal purpose, and professional, who strictly defined the subject of training and workload.It is framed in time (date of the Olympic Games) and in space (regional level).The purpose of satisfying the ambitions of the teacher and the personal ambitions of the man who makes the socially important work and receives a corresponding reward.

Who can be called a professional?

try to deal with this issue.The coach, who knows from "A" to "Z" rules and techniques to achieve high performance swimmer, but he can not swim - he is a professional in his work?The question is not idle, often in life we ​​see how a person learns something else without personal results in practice.

This became especially noticeable in the Internet era.The great number of participants in the virtual space made it a rule to teach a lot of people any sphere, arrogantly calling themselves professionals ... Newly appeared speakers who regurgitate well-known scientists, among the crowd of students trying to win the laurels of "guru."The familiar picture?

On the other hand, consider a person with good results in the subject environment.Whoever produces socially demanded product, knows the craft.He can not always explain how it does explain theoretically the production process, but gives the desired results in the best way.A professional in the business is that man?The answer is yes.

therefore well-known expression "for judge" takes place in this context.The practice in this case is the criterion of truth.

types of employment

Professional activity - an area of ​​competence, which is limited in scope.For example, social services involves hiring a specialist with appropriate training profile.Each of the areas, in turn, includes the weight of narrow areas professions.

Pofessiya - a restricted area of ​​standards activity that involves a certain amount, the level of knowledge and skills of their practical application.There is a world of professions, which gives a description - it has more than nine thousand items.In Russia, such a document contains seven thousand names.

professional field - is the subject areas in which working professionals.The list of fields is not static.From year to year there are new areas of work and disappearing professions that are in demand.It depends on the technical capabilities of the company.

levels of development subject area

Profession - a narrow area of ​​practical application of knowledge and skills for the specialist.Professional activity - a certain stage in the development of a specialist in the subject field.Education can be obtained in educational institutions of different levels, in the centers, courses, remote and otherwise.Fundamentals of professional activity are confirmed by a certificate which indicates the level of knowledge obtained for a certain number of training hours and confirm the results of testing in the test or examination form.Speciality implies that sufficient knowledge for practical application in the professional field of production.

specialist, professional, expert

often said "an expert in your field."During this evaluation is recognition of the competence of a person in a field in which he practices activities.When a man says, "He's a professional," it's more than competent.This is an expert level.This is not only a recognition of competence in their field, but also the ability to cross the boundaries of their own knowledge, the ability to give a value judgment on the subject of activity compared to similar results in other specialized areas.

specialist, professional, expert - a level of development subject area in any field of socially significant activity.

Code of Ethics

Professionalism - is not only a high level of expert in their field.The ethical component is also an important indicator of the quality of a specialist.This is especially true humanitarian, aimed at the service of man areas of professional activity.

Code of Ethics - a set of rules, the observance of which is a prerequisite for membership of a professional environment.It contains norms as categorical requirements in the exercise of a specialist.

There are a number of professions for which compliance is required to the code of ethics.This sphere of professional activity, somehow affecting the life of the individual.First of all - medicine, law, public safety and education.

ethics of professional activity manifests itself in the service of its debt.Consider the examples of this social phenomenon.

ministry profession

This area of ​​knowledge, psychology of professional activity, said that the ministry is often the highest value of human rights.Proof of this are the numerous testimonies of fidelity to duty.Sometimes the doctor is ready to find a way to cure a serious illness at the cost of his life.

Optional sacrificial heroism serves as a measure of professional duty.Great Mechnikov did for his life in the field of medicine a number of discoveries that make the prospects opened up in the creation of drugs that help people conquer death.His whole life is an example of ethical service to the people.

Writer Solzhenitsyn Solzhenitsyn could in conditions of severe censorship and punishment for the free expression of citizenship does not change his principles.

He transformed his voice into written evidence era.Thanks to his strength of will, the desire for freedom, fairness and consistency in citizenship, the world has received literary masterpieces, paid the price of personal freedom.

work "The Gulag Archipelago", "Cancer Ward", "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" assess historical realities through the eyes of witnesses of that era.It

living examples of service profession, left to mankind an invaluable result, the social impact of which can not be estimated.

Future - for professional

In order to understand what a professional environment might reveal their abilities well, it is crucial to realize the need for society.Assess the needs in their own resources and capacities.
Therefore the choice of a career path - one of the major educational problems of the education system as a whole.

in educational institutions officially launched the discipline "professional self-determination of students."The subject of it is the study of the world of occupations, especially professional activities.The purpose of discipline - to help students relate their skills with the needs and demands of society.

In this case, the man opens the meaning of life, he will feel the demand of the society.Accordingly it will be a social reward.In this situation the person saying "it in its place."