And the dream book warns: theft in a dream indicates discomfort in your soul!

One of the obscure and obsessive images in dreams - theft.It is no secret that even the most honest man often dreams that he steals anything.The feeling after such a sleep heavy and uncomfortable, as if foreboding that something bad.

fact, such good dreams can tell us little.We expand the dream book: stealing warns you that coming great material losses or bankruptcy.If you stole from a friend or acquaintance, then it is quite possible that this person into your destiny vorvёtsya trouble.Also, this fact is interpreted by many as a warning of disagreement or moral loss of a loved one.

is also a dream book, theft which is considered as a manifestation of your lack of character, which can then bring in huge trouble.If you dream you are accused of stealing, which you did not commit, it is likely a warning that someone libel and intrigues interfere in your affairs.It is expected that after a heavy period of experiences is expected moment of triumph: the dream book promises that later you will be in honor!

And when charged another man dream book warns you: it is possible that in real life you blame in anything innocent!Be careful in his judgments, so you do not have to blush and apologize to the innocent people you have wronged.

Interesting dream interpretation, are the result of theft, gives the psychological dream book "Stealing the money that you are making, often indicates that you are plagued by thoughts about what your financial status is not exerted your efforts.Envy, discomfort (both material and moral), fear of poverty also give similar reactions. "

little different explanation of sleep where you steal essentials: food, drink, clothing.In these cases, it explains the dream book, "Stealing the vital points on the inner state of a person, which corresponds to the poverty.It says that a person needs, and not necessarily in material terms.Quite possible that the person is in spiritual isolation, it lost most intimate spiritual connection. "

And another interesting explanation gives a psychological dream book.Stealing your essentials, of course, it is of great concern, unpleasant feeling of loss.Also in real life, the envy of those people who robbed you, this may be a feeling that the "thief in the night" in everyday life violates your rights or commit fraud in relation to your family and you in particular.

experienced psychologist can not only with clues dreams predict the future, but also to make "alignment" of your character, give your psychological profile, find the initial stage of mental disorders.After all, sleep is not always comes down to us from above, often we are projecting in it their spiritual experiences.And fabulist uses in his works Aesop language and allegorical images, and in our dreams symbolically reflected the feelings, fears, dreams and emotional throwing.

Although in some cases the theft of a dream can become a harbinger of something pleasant.That's what this says a French dream book "Stealing small anything you indicate that God loves you, and it may soon profit and success.This dream also means that God will not abandon you in time of need. "

But most importantly - it is the understanding that in any case, a man the master of his own destiny.His future is in his competence.The right choice always remains for a particular person.Therefore, no matter what he dreamed at night, do not take it as an indisputable fact, especially if it is dream books portends anything bad.You just need to be alert in time to find the best way out of the most difficult situations.