What is the CVC-code

question of what the CVC-code, there is only the World Wide Web users who pay for goods and services online with a credit or debit bank card.Most virtual payment system after the card number information request this code, and people often get lost trying to enter the PIN code, or any your password.As a result, the payment does not pass, and the potential buyer is still at a loss.So what is the mysterious CVC code and where to find it?

CVC / CVV - This verification code authentication, additional digits are applied to a bank card.His name can be different.So, you may ask "authentication code» - CVV, «the security code" or "personal security code."

Note: in retail stores at the checkout you need to enter a PIN, iepassword.A CVC-code is required only if paid online.

Why do I need the code

Its main objective - to protect and secure online shopping.Seller will only see the name and the client's name, and the code is hidden from him.This is ensured by a special connection that uses the SSL.To enhance security and to make sure that the card is indeed in the hands of its owner, you can also request information on the validity of the card.

Where it is located

CVC-code of Visa and MasterCard in the standard version is in the signature field on the reverse side of the card and a three-digit number.And on the cards AMEX (American Express) it is necessary to look on the face - it will be four digits.

code never applied embossed seal, in contrast to the number of the card.It is not printed on paper checks, so unknown to outsiders.

If the code is not

Sometimes the CVV / CVC code is not on the map, and hence pay online, you can not.We'll have to look for other ways to pay - WebMoney, Yandex.Money, etc.or other type of card book in which code is present.

more digits

Another situation that raises questions of users is what to do when on the reverse side is printed than three digits, and seven.In fact, this is no problem.The first four numbers are the end of the duplicate card number, but the last three - this is the correct code.


Always make sure that the data on the code does not fall into the hands of third parties.For example, now found in network known trick: The site contains an offer to check the security of your card and asked for it to enter its number and CVC-code.You know, why do you need really?If you provide information, you actually will give into the hands of fraudsters access to your bank account.They are easily able to use your card for any online payment or simply withdraw from it all possible money.So beware!

Safety rules

to your online shopping became really comfortable and safe, you need to follow the simple rules: do not place the data on your card on unverified Internet sites and away from suspicious sites, delete personal information.

If the code is learned strangers

least in life, and the most prudent action in this case would be an immediate call to the bank to block your card.

Yet to pay for goods and services online is really very convenient - it helps save a lot of time and increases the possibility of choice.Basic security such purchases provide CVC-code, and then - is a matter of common sense and experience.