Purpose keys "Scroll lock"

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Anyone working at a personal computer, sooner or later, think about key functions: a button that you can do and how they can be useful in work, study or games.Today we will talk about what you can do such an interesting button, like "Scroll lock".After all, it is not found in any manual.


First, let's define what is the button in question.Location of this key may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.Furthermore, it is not present on laptops generally as a single element.

So button "Scroll lock".Where is this element?

  1. In most cases, you can find on the shelves of stores, operating keyboards in the office and at home, "Scroll lock" is over the arrows in the top row, next to the numeric pad.Exactly there, as shown in the figure above.
  2. If we are talking about a laptop keyboard or shortened versions of full-scale computer models, then they can not find the required free-standing keys.In such cases, the "Scroll lock" - a feature that is called by pressing the "Fn" + another key, which is usually written in blue called "scrolling".Location you can see in the second picture below.


Where did we come to the key "Scroll lock"?It was in the distant 90s, at the dawn of the computer technology.Initially, she wore a function of changing the behavior of the cursor keys (arrows).In some applications, after pressing the "scroll" using the arrow keys to switch the screen started not by line with the cursor, and by page.In other situations, "Scroll lock" blocked at one position the cursor arrow keys, and you can inspect the entire page, which does not fit on the screen.Now this feature is also used in the program Microsof Excel.

Over time, increased computing power, and the need for pagination disappeared.Thus, we studied was the key, in fact, unnecessary.However, manufacturers did not abandon an existing habitual keyboard design, and software developers have begun to look for new ways to use this key.


Currently "Scroll lock" in a variety of applications to perform a variety of functions.It is difficult to imagine all the diversity of problems, because it depends on the imagination of developers.There will be given the most common function of this button.It is possible that they may be performed in other applications, but these cases you can meet with greater probability.

  • As mentioned, in Excel button "Scroll lock" fulfills its original functions.That is, the scroll cursor switches to control screen.
  • Also, this button is used to switch the keyboard layout known Punto Switcher.When you press the combination "Alt" + "Scroll lock" made transliteration of the selected text.
  • The "Linux" pressing the button stops the scrolling text.
  • When using KVM-switch double-click activates the control mechanism.
  • Using the "Scroll lock" allows you to switch use of macros for some optical mice.
  • Dell laptops this button performs the function keys "Fn".

In games we have considered key can also perform quite important.For example, a toy as "Cossacks", "Scroll lock" is responsible for creating scripts in the map editor.And around the famous "Oblivion", this button is responsible for switching the language in the Russian version.


hope now you will not have questions about the use and destination keys "Scroll lock".In fact, it is already obsolete, and if you have not used it before, it will be too late to start.It is much faster and more convenient to use familiar tools, which have long been accustomed to the hand.However, the information obtained can be useful for you to improve your own learning.