How to prepare halophyte in Georgian

Georgian cuisine is characterized by a large number of aromatic herbs and pungent taste of most dishes.This applies to meat, and soups.If you want to cook something "witty", the halophyte in Georgian can be an ideal option to diversify their menus.Recipes by which it is done, you can meet a lot because this dish has many variations.

For example, halophyte in Georgian can be prepared as follows.For the soup you will need a pound of low-fat beef, 3-4 onions, the same amount of pickles, 2 tomatoes, 1 large carrot.In addition, taken a couple of tablespoons of flour.Salt, garlic, pepper, spices are put to taste.

Onions clean, nashinkovyvaetsya, fried in a deep frying pan.Meat, cut into small pieces, placed here though.Carrots cut into thin strips, cucumber - cubes.Vegetables are connected with the remaining ingredients.The dish is added pieces of sliced ​​tomatoes, spices and salt, fried flour, broth.All the meat is stewed until tender over medium heat.Shortly before the end placed in a dish passed through a press garlic, chopped fresh herbs.

Another recipe, how to cook a hodgepodge that will not resemble a thick soup, to which we are accustomed, as a main dish, meat cooked in a kind of sauce, you can take this.Meat (300-400 g) is washed, cleaned (if necessary) of the tendons, cut into small cubes.Finely shred and spread out on a heated frying pan with sunflower oil.To this was added fillets, everything is fried until it acquires a golden color.Next Georgian halophyte prepared as follows.

in a frying pan to the original ingredients, put 2 tablespoons of tomato 10-15 pieces of chopped olives rings, two chopped into cubes pickled cucumbers.The dish is salted, it poured a quarter cup of white wine and a little water.Frying pan covered with the cap.Soljanka Georgian left to fire (about 40 minutes).Shortly before the end of the meat sprinkled with fresh herbs, here put a few cloves of crushed garlic.

to the dish has become rich flavor, it is best to cook the same dishes, observing the order of laying the ingredients.So initially it is recommended not to use a conventional pan and deep or appear to here with all the products.Tomato paste or ketchup can be replaced by hot sauce (such as "Southern").Spices, which are needed to halophyte in Georgian was close to the original, similar to the recommended hops-suneli, and others. Of course, their choice depends, first of all, from the culinary preferences of his home.

In most cases, the recipes of the dishes you can find such meat as beef.However, if necessary it can be replaced by a tender piece of chicken or pork (lean only).When you select the meat you need to pay attention to its quality and freshness, since it is the main ingredient, which will give the dish its unique flavor.In some cases, a hodgepodge recommend adding vinegar.This point is not so important.We must remember that vinegar can make the meat a little harsh.