If the folders become shortcuts

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very common problem when your flash drive, all folders become shortcuts.If you are faced with this and looking for a solution to eliminate this trouble, then you have got to address.In fact, this is not the worst problem that can happen, and fix it will not be any problems.Just do not try to remove anything from your vehicle as your data will not zapropastilis and are in place.

certain viruses hide a folder on your flash drive.Rather, it is a Trojan (Backdoor.win32.ruskill).How does it work?Everything is very simple.It masquerades as directories that you exist.Instead, the Trojan has made its own labels.This process is implemented by a worm.The real directory just become hidden.But do not try to run these shortcuts to your data.It's no wonder folders become shortcuts.They are able to do big troubles on your computer.

Of course, if you are on a flash drive for no valuable information or a copy is already available elsewhere, it can safely be formatted.In this case, the labels for the folders that you created the Trojan deleted along with the data.But if they are nowhere to be restored, then read on.

So, what to do if the folders become shortcuts?This trouble can be solved in several ways.There is a lot of software, but we'll look at the manual method.Antivirus should detect viral agent.If not, start it and scan your flash drive.If he does not find out, change it to another.After that, go to the computer through a conductor and find the Tools tab at the top of the panel.Run this menu and choose Folder Options.Choose a section of the form where you will remove the check mark from the concealment of the protected system files, and then on the other hand display hidden files and folders check box is selected.

If you done correctly, go to your drive, where you will find your folders hidden insidious Trojan before.Create a new folder that will be virtually identical to those that were hidden.After that go to each directory that was hidden, and make a copy-paste all of the data in the newly created objects.After that, empty folders to be removed.If your antivirusnik not remove directory RECYCLER, do it yourself.All - a problem when the steel folder labels solved.

You can also just in case, check the remaining traces of hostile software.They can take place.The custom folder app data (for Piggy) or roaming (for Seven) see that there is no EXE, consisting of an unrelated set of letters and numbers.If you find it - just delete.This is an executable file virus.

also does not hurt to look into the registry.Open the Start menu and in the box for a single command regedit.Go to HKEY_CURENT_USERS \ Softwares \ Mikrosoft \ Window \ CurrentVersions \ Run, which also need to remove the name of a similar virus.This neutralization process is over.Your computer is now completely clean and contagious.In any case, perform a full scan them with your antivirus program.