Gifts for men February 23: Two new products from BRAUN

In the rhythm of modern life time are sorely lacking, and successful men, it is important to always look stylish and well-groomed.

Hair clipper HC 5050 (Series 5 Hair Clipper)

Machine Braun HC 5050 - a necessary tool in the arsenal of modern man, allowing you to quickly and accurately trim the hair cut or to create a model in any environment.

Braun Series 5 Hair Clipper can achieve highly accurate results thanks to 16 variations of length settings: 3 to 35 mm.HC 5050 is equipped with two different attachments (for short and long hair) and has a storage function parameters SafetyLock, which remembers the last setting.Lock firmly secures the selected length, making it the perfect haircut.

With full body sealing machine easily and safely wash under running water and use on wet hair, which saves time and makes the process more convenient haircut.UltraSharp safe blade optimally suited for precise task.They are covered with stainless steel, which ensures safety and longevity of use.

Braun HC 5050 is equipped with a rechargeable battery.Powerful dual battery provides long-term job, and the ability to use wired and wireless makes this an indispensable tool for travel.Total hours of charging is enough for a 40-minute haircut.For convenience, the machine is equipped with an LED charging indicator LED.

premium and ergonomic design Braun HC 5050 perfectly fit into the interior of any bathroom will become a fashion accessory and an essential attribute in the men's travel-set.

trimmer Braun Exact Series nose and ears

The trimmer Exact Series nose and ears from Braun, you can accurately and quickly cut the hairs where they should not be.Through highly effective system of circular blades it is completely safe, do not pull the hair without damaging the skin.

trimmer Ergonomic design and functionality will appeal to fans of modern gadgets, and its compact size it can be used both at home and on business trips or traveling.For transport the trimmer is equipped with a protective cover.

time of its battery life from ordinary penlight batteries - 60 minutes.The trimmer is waterproof, so it can be used, even taking a bath or shower.In addition, the trimmer is easy to clean - is only a little bit to hold it under warm running water.

Flawless appearance and attention to every detail - a reflection of a strong personality.Trimmer Exact Series nose and ears from Braun allows you to be stylish in any situation.