Care after flowering orchid

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Nothing complicated and unimaginable in orchid care is not required.Just observe some of the nuances.Here, for example, what to do with the peduncle after all the flowers showered?Cut it or not?

«It's like a hand cut off!" - Claim alone and patiently waiting stems wither.Other cut off as soon as the latter began to wither flowers.What is the correct version?Try to understand.

Firstly, the flowers themselves should carefully pick off as soon as you notice that they have begun to fade.This will allow the orchid to expend energy only on the open flowers.

Once Orchid ceased to delight you with their blooms, you can safely remove the stems.However, if the tip of the green, there may be more flowers.During the three months' wait for an answer. "Look, however, this structure is not very presentable: a long whip on a lonely flower.

If the tip of the flower stalk at the yellowed and withered, waiting for him a new flowering useless.

So we cut it.Now we face another dilemma: at the roots or not.There are 2 variants of events to you.

  1. If you trim the outlet from the orchid starts to store power for the next flowering.
  2. Trim only the upper part.Each spike is "dormant buds."They are usually three or four.Theoretically, if the spike begins to dry up, one can develop the lateral stalks.Keyword - "may".Trim the flower stalk above the "dormant buds" does not guarantee their active growth.

So, in my opinion, it is better to cut at the very outlet.

Sometimes orchid produces stems directly from the growth point.Do not panic!It's okay, it's not a sign that she is killed.Where did this delusion, no one can say, but many believe.I would even say that you are very lucky with the flower - it will create a side outlet, which can sit down, or she will "kids" this spike.This will be discussed in the next article.

And now we shall understand with dressing

Feed orchid or not during flowering?Roughly speaking, you can never do it not to feed.Orchid - so unique plant that all the necessary trace elements for the growth of the flower receives from the environment without any help!

This is the theory.In practice, if the plant receives a balanced fertilizer, then more and more abundant flowers, and the flowers are larger and brighter.We are, in fact, because of the color of her and love.So we feed regularly.But not in the flowering period!This will trigger reset colors or reduce the period of flowering.Do not "feed" the orchid immediately after flowering.She should get some rest and gather strength.Fertilizer during this period will cause your exotic flower again to release the spike, but you are unlikely to get great pleasure from this.Flowers are small, and they will not be enough.In addition, the plant can simply get sick after such blatant interference.So you'd better be patient.Wait until the orchid will enter a stage of rapid growth, then fertilize.But these special fertilizer for flowers.

As you can see, nothing complicated in the care of orchid is not!Feel free to buy beauty online store houseplants and admire the abundant flowering.