The main causes of the Great Patriotic War

Causes of World War II forced to think of modern politicians.As the threat of a possible World War II was a global problem of humanity, it is necessary to analyze all the signs of growing international tensions (in a timely manner to prevent further bloodshed).

Causes of the Great Patriotic War

Stable main aggressor of the World War II is considered the Third Reich - that is, Germany.And this opinion is not groundless.It is 1930/40 years of the accounts for the flourishing of fascist Germany.Thus, the pursuit of the country (more precisely, its government) for world domination played a decisive role in the beginning of the world "lawlessness."In addition, influenced, of course, and the inability of world powers - the US, Britain and France - to maintain its influence as a result of the adoption of the Treaty of Versailles, while a humiliated country gradually increase the power and restore its position.It is worth noting that the Soviet Russia and Germany, the two countries do not participate in the actions of Versailles, signed an agreement under which were established relations in the military-industrial sphere.Causes of World War II also includes Germany's nationalist policy.The desire to exterminate all "not Aryan" has also had an impact.The reasons for such behavior of Hitler, many psychologists refer to the psychological trauma of the childhood of the future Fuhrer.But, by and large, it is not so important.

How evolved war?Amazingly, Stalin has repeatedly stated that the Fuhrer wants to attack and is preparing a plan, but the leader was convinced of action of non-aggression pact.This helped the Germans to gain an advantage at the first stage of the war.But this predominance was short-lived.Already in November 1942 the army of the Soviet Union begins a counter-offensive, and even earlier, in December 1941, was heroically repelled the attack on Moscow.All this contributed to the growth of national consciousness of the Soviet people.After breaking in the war victory of the Red Army fell one after the other: here the defense of Stalingrad, and the operation "Bagration" and "Kutuzov" and Kursk along with the lifting of the siege of Leningrad and the liberation of Eastern Europe.

Causes of the Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War - is, above all, patriotism and courage of the people, strict discipline, powerful (created in the years of industrialization), the military-industrial complex of the country, the skill of commanders and, of course, intelligence and guerrilla movement.This comprehensive suite helped win an important victory of the Soviet Union, which became part of world history.

Causes of the Great Patriotic War, the preconditions of its origin, the situation of social tension in the world arena - all this must never happen again.All countries involved in World War II, suffered huge losses (both economic and social).A huge number of victims suggests that all need to be solved by peaceful means, without the involvement of ordinary people in politics.So we have to accept such a thing as the Great Patriotic War, the causes of which is now clear, as a warning!