What types of advertisements are

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In order to successfully grow their business, whether it is trade, various services or something else, it is necessary first of all to promote it, to make recognizable.And in this issue plays an important role advertising.That allows it to attract potential customers to get them interested.A current development of society and technology allows you to use different types of advertisements that can cover almost all categories of people.And it gives you the opportunity to convey information about themselves, about the product and about the service or about business in general to any person.

types of outdoor advertising

Under outdoor advertising is understood that within the territory of the village.Her feature on billboards, stands, banners, roofs and walls of buildings, in transport or in it.All types of outdoor advertising, examples of which can be found on every corner, are widely used because they are relatively low-cost, but effective enough.

Shields - a design that are designed to accommodate large-banner advertising.Most often they are placed along the roads.The text addresses and phone numbers on them should be large, so that they could be easily read from a moving vehicle.

Streamers - a linen cloth or vinyl with the advertising information, which stretched over the road.Also very effective method of promotion, which is very often used.

pointers - a sort of beacons that indicate the direction in which the advertised object.

Signs - a carrier of advertising information, which is located near the advertised object.They can also be called a mini-boards.

Pillars - a collapsible or folding advertising design, which has information about the firm and its contact details.

People sandwiches - is dressed people, which attract potential customers.

pneumatic figures - Inflatable solid figures.

Adhesive application - it's different posters, stickers and advertisements.

Advertising on transport - a very effective and popular way of advertising in which information about the company, product or service placed on the outer surfaces of vehicles or inside it.

Types of advertisements on the Internet

Internet offers great opportunities for business promotion by placing advertisements.

Banner - a graphical rectangular image on which the information or image.

Text advertising - a small ad or a full article about the company or product.

Video - a video ad, which is transmitted via the Internet.It is the most expensive way to move through the Internet.They are usually used by large rich companies.

Contextual advertising - it's texts and banners placed on pages that match the contextual advertising and promotional information in the search engines.

Types of advertisements on television

videos - the most common form of advertising on television.The length of the roller is generally 15-30 seconds, but may be different.

Ticker - are text ads that run during the broadcast.

Teleshopping - a way to promote a product in which the viewer is given complete information about the advertised object.

Sponsorship - hidden and explicit advertising of goods or services to the companies during the broadcast.Explicit advertising is expressed in gratitude for their help in organizing and / or carrying out the program, release, headings.Hidden is presented in the form of various accessories, or attribute name brand products.

Types of advertisements on radio

announcer declarations - written text advertising message.

Music saver - advertising company or product with musical accompaniment.

Types of advertisements in print media

modular advertising - pronounced part of the strip advertising.

classified advertising - text ads, broken down by categories.

Lo-advertising - is an article or a note dedicated to a particular product or company.

Mail Directories - a list of goods with the descriptions, prices and pictures, distributed through the mailboxes.