Marketing communications - is the basis of successful business

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For a better understanding of what basic marketing communication, it is better to divide the term and decide on each part separately.The word "marketing" for a long time at the hearing, seems to be the meaning of it is known to all, and ask - get a lot of different definitions.There is nothing surprising in every textbook he is determined in his own way, though, of course, there is no opposing views.In two words: marketing communications - the process of identifying, stimulating and best meet the needs of the buyer.Preparation for this process, the profit - this is the area of ​​the work of other professionals (accountants, financiers, tax inspectors).

Communications - the term is understood by all.Therefore, marketing communications - a complex of measures aimed at the fullest possible information to the target audience about the beneficial qualities of a product (service).The complex includes a number of tools and concepts.

most significant marketing communications - is:

  • Advertising: impersonal appeal to consumer goods, with an appeal to buy that product (service) and an explanation of any uniqueness.Channels are used: radio, TV, newspapers, outdoor advertising, mailing, Internet.
  • formation recognizable brand (brand): logo design, branding.
  • public relations (creating a positive image of the company or product) Public Relations (PR): due to an excess supply in the market.To the end user has made his choice in favor of your product, you need to demonstrate objective assessment of independent experts and other consumers, public opinion.We can assume support the Russian mentality (to our human opinions neighbor is more important than all the others).
  • promotion of loyalty programs (additional products and services that improve the company's image and trademark).

  • Sales Management (personal selling, sales promotion bonus programs).To many polite guys came with a demonstration of the wonderful features of the vacuum cleaner, standing a little cheaper car - this is a private sale.But this is not the best example, with proper goal setting process and can achieve great results, saving face and brand image.
  • Direct marketing (targeted personal appeal to customers by direct mail via the Internet, e-mail).
  • Sales promotion: stocks, one-time discounts, lotteries, other measures to revive interest in the brand.We are focused on the short term.

In everyday life, we can see the use of marketing communications in politics:

  • generate interest in the brand (the candidate);
  • make well-known program of the candidate (the beneficial properties of the goods);
  • achieve consumer interest in the product (vote).

turns, similar technology, as long as consumers are not offered stale goods.But it already is in the environmental objectives and mission of the enterprise.For companies working in the long term, marketing communications - is a process, located in the public interest for which it works.