Foreman - it is for the profession?

choosing a profession, one must clearly understand what it is and have a complete understanding of what knowledge and effort it will require from him.But sometimes develops in people the wrong idea about a particular specialty.For example, in the construction there is such a position - superintendent.Who is this?What does it do and what questions to solve?

essence of the profession

argument can begin with the title.Often it lies the basic meaning.What does the job title "superintendent"?It is likely the man who knows all about the work.Dictionaries interpret it somewhat differently.By definition, the "foreman" literally understood as a manufacturer of some work on the construction or building something.It belongs to the category leaders.Hence it is clear that his command is a team of people who are directly and do these same works.In short, the foreman is a person who by virtue of their duty to exercise direct management of the construction of a particular object on a particular plot.Therefore, its competence includes:

  • organization of the production process,
  • accounting work performed team,
  • monitoring compliance with construction deadlines,
  • organization of work at the assigned site, aimed at the implementation of the instructions of the construction task: putting the object under constructioninto operation.

be aware

for the quality of work performed by each of their subordinates, responsible ultimately superintendent.This includes the presence of his specific professional skills.In other words, a good leader must understand and be able to do the job himself of any of its employees.Of course, it should not instead of them work, but is obliged to realize and understand what they are doing.Otherwise it will be difficult to control them.Perhaps this is why each of the superintendents in the past many years of experience.After all, the area is usually conducted a variety of activities: civil, electrical, finishing, welding, work on laying of various types of communications and others.And in each leader must understand.In addition, he has yet to know:

  1. technology and organization of conducting works in construction.
  2. procedure for maintaining the design and estimate documentation.
  3. labor legislation.Right from, BTP, TB and industrial hygiene.
  4. construction norms and rules of work.
  5. Existing regulations for commissioning, start-up and acceptance of the work performed.
  6. basic economic concepts.
  7. order of relationships between clients and contractors (subcontractors).

The result is that the foreman - a unique line manager.

What does the superintendent

hardest to enumerate the duties superintendent.They are twofold.To his subordinates he is - a leader who watches everything that's going on in his area.And for the bosses, he - the person who has overall responsibility for the work entrusted to him.As a result of falls on the shoulders of the superintendent is quite capacious and heavy load.Based on the prepared project documentation it has in place to plan each step of the work and monitor its implementation.For this purpose it is necessary to constantly monitor the availability and timely supply of raw materials.He must ensure the construction site personnel and carry for each of them full responsibility.In addition, the superintendent is required to create the necessary conditions on the object of labor to meet all regulations.Because now it was he who for the entire period of construction will be responsible for the health of each employee.He also directly participated in all of them calculating the salary.Foreman should be in their area to organize the work so as not to violate the terms approved by the work contract.For this, he is also responsible.Among other things, the duties of the superintendent is also included compiling documentation on the account of work performed and the current routine reporting.It turns out that any object turns out exactly the way he sees the superintendent.

closest aides

in the organization of the construction process is attended by heads of different levels.Supervisor reports directly to the chief of construction.But he alone could never so quickly solve all problems.For these purposes, to help him in the state has a master unit.It is not just a slave, but a kind of right-hand man and loyal assistant.Master takes on the responsibility for the preparation of the front work.It must: examine the drawings, create outfits, to place people's jobs and provide them with everything necessary.Not an easy task.And who will be responsible for any deficiencies or violations of existing rules?Again the master.A supervisor will organize the whole process.A solution of specific problems in the field involved is the master and subordinate foremen.That master is responsible for everything that happens on the site.And in addition, he still carries the material and criminal responsibility for all his subordinates.If the worker fell on the head of a brick or he committed the theft, the responsibility for this will have to master.

requirements foreman

person applying for the superintendent's position, in addition to professional education and professional experience should have more such necessary qualities as a high performance, self-organization, ability to work with people.He should not be afraid of responsibility.After all, this is his job.Foreman, among other things, should be a little economists and accountants, partly personnel officer and a lawyer.He must be able to plan everything well: work, materials, artists.He will also need the skills to scheduling.In addition, he must be able to communicate with people and to be as sociable.You must strive to ensure that subordinates respected him and were not afraid.The ability to carry on a conversation as well and unobtrusively to defend his point of view will have an indispensable aid to such a specialist in conversations with customers and discussions with management.Even the appearance and demeanor should issue it indispensable organizer and a good professional.

In life as in the workplace

Everyone at least once in his life faced with construction problems.Take, for example, the most common repairs.If the case concerns only the wallpapering or painting floors, the outside help may not be needed.But those who have decided "in a big way" to upgrade the living room, will certainly need the help of a specialized organization.It may be a small private company or a large company dealing with individual orders.In any case, the work in the specific area here will guide the building superintendent.This is a man who, on behalf of the company takes responsibility for the fact that the work stipulated by the contract will be performed at the proper level and in the approved time.He leads a team of workers, each of which performs a specific function.In this case, the foreman is not just losing a job and sign the documents.He organizes the work, and may, if necessary, to give professional advice to any of the workers.Such a leader in this particular situation is a must.And if necessary, he will explain to the customer and all its interesting moments.