Diet Etiquette: How to go on a diet?

Talk about weight loss usually begins with a discussion of diets and food systems.First of all we are interested in what we can do in order to lose weight and not gain it more.And rarely paid attention to this important aspect of the life of losing weight like diet etiquette.Namely, by its observance it depends on how long we can hold on a diet and you get support in the eyes of others.

Diet-etiquette - a collection of the unspoken rules and standards of conduct drawn up by experts profiling specifically for people who adhere to a special diet.He will not stray from the "true path" and achieve the desired mark on the scales and tape centimeters.Acquainted with his "postulates"!

Corporate diets etiquette

Every time you come up with the idea to share with colleagues' new superefficient diet "stop myself - someone else's diet do not matter!".Even if your working day starts with the complaint of the chief accountant, "I ate again after six."It is not necessary to tell her how bad it is for the figure, she knows it herself.And if not, then it does not come, the time of its readiness to change their lives.In the meantime, people will not solve on their own to maintain a healthy diet, any recommendations will be superfluous.If

until follow a regular diet you were working a small dining establishment, it makes sense to warn the cook about important changes in your life.It is the case that the absence of "a regular customer" made him seek out shortcomings in their work or, worse still, to think that you are seriously ill, and a month not appear to work.

Be attentive to their behavior.Spare colleagues from the daily reports of lost centimeters and kilograms, do not share recipes low-calorie meals and tables calorie burning in various sports.The need to respond to your comments and compliments delight hinders working process and, frankly, depressing.

Family diets etiquette

your desire to lose weight should not be reflected on the lives of people close to you.The son shall not eat broccoli because his mother so decided.A growing body needs more balanced diet.You should not put pressure on her husband.He has every right to taste the meat in all its forms and quantities, because in this lies the whole essence of men.Remember the famous phrase?- "The main task of man - to kill the mammoth and bring it to the woman."Draw your own conclusions!

match, the visitors should not treat them raw fruits, steamed vegetables and cooked turkey.Even with the best intentions!They are your enthusiasm is still not appreciated, but "strange behavior" will notice almost immediately.Therefore think in advance or low-calorie and tasty menu of the dishes or cook especially for the guests.

Friendly diets etiquette

planning a romantic date with a man, decide in advance what you allow yourself to eat and drink (alcohol and sweet drinks contain a large number of calories!).If a single order that you come to mind - this is a cup of green tea without sugar, the idea of ​​relaxing in a cafe should be abandoned.Indeed, despite the fact that many men just like slender girls, while the stronger sex desires that they also had a good appetite.Perhaps reinsured in case, by some chance you have to be combined with the knot.

And see, the gentleman who eats steak at a table with a girl ordered tea looks at least strange.We will not embarrass his future life partner "zamorochkami" in the early days of dating!

As for friendly parties, it is not the best place for dieting.Set treats very diverse, but far from the diet.There is nothing reprehensible, as the organizer of the celebration is not obliged to take into account the priorities of all those present in food.If you do not want to offend the hostess "forced by hunger" or give the impression of a man condemning lifestyles present, to participate in the party should be abandoned.Or, alternatively, to stay away from the table, whiling away the time in the pleasant surroundings of the party guests.

And of course, we should not raise with friends 'diet' theme.The phrases "sweet dessert immediately deposited on my hips" or "I eat food with extremely low glycemic index" banned!Do not spoil your appetite is good company.

Diet - this is your personal choice and responsibility for its compliance is only for you.Do not shift it on the shoulders of a spouse, friends or colleagues.Try philosophical about restrictions on food, so that one day wake up thin and be proud of yourself!

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