"Lucky bamboo" in our house

Recently, flower shops, you can see the unusual green shoots zigzag shape of various heights with small green leaves.Typically, they are used in floral compositions, sometimes sold as an independent plant.These exotic species escapes lovers of ornamental plants and florists called "Bamboo happiness."

Many people buying in shops such escapes, not even suspect that in fact they do not buy bamboo and dratsenu sanderiana (Draceana canderiana).Dracaena got its second name - "Bamboo happiness" or "bringing good luck bamboo" - from the British Lucky Bamboo shoots for the external similarity to the bamboo.They have the same shape, color and jumpers in the trunk, like a bamboo.But the real bamboo is a woody plant of the family grass, and dracaena belongs to the family of the agave and has a tree stem.This is a completely different plants.

Why is this plant is also "happy"?Behind each name is usually some kind of story.Bamboo is a symbol of good luck in Asian culture for over 4000 years.According to the teachings of Feng Shui, if this plant is available in the house, it surely brings success and happiness.

For Sale shoots dracaena more attractive than the usual bamboo.Escape can make beautiful decorative shape that is achieved when grown artificially with a stiff wire or special tubes.The plant can survive for a long time in the water.In order to shoots did not die in the flower shop of the lower part is placed in a special capsule with water.Bouquet composed with dratsenu can be presented not only women but also men, as in Japanese culture bamboo symbolizes man's courage, strength of character, inflexibility.Anyone will be pleased to receive a gift plant, bearing a resounding name - "Bamboo happiness."

If you came home dracaena sanderiana, you need to know how to take care of it, so that the plant is not killed.Dratsenu can be grown in water, but that the water must be added to fertilizer, or the leaves will turn yellow.Beautifully dracaena would look when placed in a glass container filled with colored hydrogel.

Optionally dratsenu can be planted in a pot with soil.As a primer, you can use any land for flowers or a special for dracaena.The pot must be made good drainage, laying on the bottom of the ceramic pebbles.At first, the flower should be watered more abundantly, as when hit from the aqueous medium in the land he is weakening the root system.Over time, planted a tree to escape the present rise about 70 centimeters in height with erect stem and beam leaves gray-green on top.

dratsenu sanderiana grown in ambient conditions are not quite difficult.It is not very fastidious.The average temperature in the room should be around 22 degrees, requires enough light (but avoid direct sunlight), abundant watering in summer and a mild winter - that's the secret of success.A pot with a flower best located on the east side of the window.

said that at home dracaena little flowers, but if you will develop a "bamboo" a relationship of trust and mutual love, then it will reward your patience arrow beautiful white flowers with a strong sweet smell.And is it possible that the plant will lodge in your house for a long time, attracting good luck and success.

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