What to put in the shade in the country - some vegetables, some flowers?

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Most plants require plenty of sunlight for development.But the area will inevitably be formed shaded areas.Really give it to the weeds?In this article, we'll show you what to plant in the shade on a summer residence of vegetables and flowers.And let no one square centimeter of land is not empty.

Gardening in the shade

As you know, 8-10 hours of direct sunlight - it is the optimal conditions for the growth of most crops.But there are plants that are resistant to shading.

Therefore, when planning the landings for the next year you need to take into account several nuances: the sun will illuminate your site, how the lighting of the territory during the day, some of the all time remain in the shadows.These factors are very important: sometimes the lack of ultraviolet radiation only slightly reduces the volume of the crop, while in other cases a shaded patch of land is better to give the hosts and moss.

What to plant in the shade under the trees in the country?

First, we note that for a successful outcome should follow these rules:

  1. Remove and low hanging branches.
  2. Thin out the crown to permit the sun's rays.
  3. Use raised beds so that plants do not compete with tree roots for nutrients.
  4. dig the soil as thoroughly as possible without damaging the roots.
  5. timely to make fertilizer, ideally before planting to do nutrient layer generously enriched with compost (to a depth of about 10 cm).

What to plant in the shade under the trees in the country?Of all the leafy vegetable crops it is more tolerant to a small deficit of sunlight.In hot areas where they grow even more preferably in a light shade, so they last longer remain soft and will not taste bitter.

These plants include: all kinds of salad, garlic, spinach, green onions, cabbage (in Vol. H. Cauliflower and broccoli), arugula, spinach, leeks, sorrel.Root vegetable - radish, radishes, potatoes, beets, carrots, turnips.

And what can be planted in the shade of spices in the country?The list of such herbs include basil, parsley, dill, chervil, coriander.Quietly treat such conditions wild strawberry.

If you are unsure whether enough sunlight for good growth of these crops, start small, and evaluate the results.If you are on the site too much shade, the leaves will be thin, listless and pale.Vegetables and greens will have a faint taste and is likely to lose crunchiness.

How to improve the yield of the deficit of the sun?

addition to care for the trees and fertilizer, gardeners have resorted to such tricks as mulch between vegetable reflective film.It is available in different shades, such as universal is white, and for the cultivation of tomato is best suited red material.The most effective is a metallized film, because it reflects the most light.With such an assistant a list of what you can put in the shade in the country, significantly expanding.

It benefits from the use of this unconventional kind of mulch are:

  • increase the amount of light in the vegetation;
  • local increase in temperature;
  • increase in the rate of photosynthesis, and therefore the growth of the culture;
  • decline defeat beds Some insects (such as aphids and thrips);
  • increase of yield and quality.

In addition, keep in mind that the soil warms in the shade worse, so it is impossible to plant ahead of schedule, or they may vymerznut.

flowerbed in the shade of the trees

Although trees in a forest do not allow direct sunlight, you probably noticed that there is not and never bare patch of earth.This is a great proof that there are plants that will be a good feel in light shade

This location is ideal for nasturtium, because if it gets too much sunlight, its leaves dry up, and the flowers become smaller.The color palette is wide - from the bright tropical colors varieties Amazon Jewel, Alaska, Copper Sunset up pastel colors or varieties Moonlight creamy red at Vanilla Berry.

looking for a beautiful cut flowers?I do not know what can be planted in the shade under the trees in the country?Choose snapdragons, feverfew, sage, and terry voskotsvetnik pansies.

But trees take the flowers not only sunlight but also moisture from the soil.What to put in the shade in the country, if you can not often carry watering?There are flowers that are different drought resistance, such as periwinkle, milkweed, lily, cyclamen Caucasian, Dicentra formosa or serdtsetsvet, Geranium Macrorrhizum, giatsintoides Spanish, osmanthus.

If, conversely, the shadow of the trees combined with the shadow of the buildings and the fence, then the area can stagnate moisture.Under these conditions, good growing ferns, Japanese anemone, chickweed high, Canadian dogwood, many types of host, hellebore, moss.

What to plant in the country in the shadow of the house?

As a rule, it is quite an unfavorable place for plants, especially when it comes to the north side.

Vegetables grown in such conditions is not recommended.But some colors can refine this part of your site.Besides, the leaves of such plants often have an unusual shape, which gives a special charm of a bed.What to put in the shade in the country, to decorate it?Pay attention to such flowers as columbine (Aquilegia), foxglove (digitalis) Nigella (Nigella).To add a delicate flavor, plant tobacco (nikotiana) and me-nots.

around the perimeter of

a good portion of the territory of the shadows of its railing.What to plant in the shade of the fence at the cottage?If the plants get enough 'sunbathing' 4-6 hours a day, you can use these portions of vegetables listed above, or at all beneficial to plant perennials.

example, currants, gooseberries, hazelnut, raspberry, blackberry, cranberry and Saskatoon grow best in full sun, but also good tolerate shading.Reduction of the amount of harvest, but you will still be using this piece of land.The same applies to some varieties of cherries and plums.

What to plant along the fence at the cottage in the shade if you want to hide it?Many gardeners like to hide the fence or walls of buildings behind the green screen of the perennial vines and climbing plants.

For planting in the shade suit: akebia quinata, clematis, hydrangea winding (lianovidnaya) skhizofragma, Woodbine Honeysuckle, Staunton shestilistnaya.

These are beautiful and useful crops can be planted even in shaded areas of your garden.