HR Manager: Responsibilities and competencies

recently appeared in Russia this kind of profession as personnel managers.Their responsibilities are similar to the duties of inspectors on the staff, who are engaged in HR administration and monitor compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Labor Code.HR managers perform the same task, but with a wider range of functions.Their main task - is to combine the objectives and strategy of the company with the available human resources, labor potential and skills.HR managers carry out the whole cycle of HR from recruitment and study of the labor market before the dismissal and retirement.HR Manager developing a strategy for managing the company's employees, personnel policy;responsible for training the necessary focus and level of training;It defines and predicts the demand for specialists and skilled workers, analyzes the human resource capacity;conducts marketing employees;supports cooperation with the Employment Service;and others.

Responsibilities personnel manager

1. Labour market analysis, report of the information management of the organization about the situation with the staff and the average wage.

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2. Operational Search and selection of experts for the organization.Forecasting demand for workers.Development of personnel reserve.

3. Create motivational system work.Financial motivation is entirely borne by the organization's leadership, and intangible - to the hiring manager.

4. HR managers create and oversee the corporate culture.Their tasks include the formation of the labor collective (collective and personal interest in the outcome of labor, unity of skills and methods to achieve the final objectives, the socio-psychological climate, personal and group relationships).HR managers involved in the organization of socio-psychological and professional adaptation of new employees.

5. To one of the most important functions of the HR manager is training.Taking care of this is to organize the personnel training, the establishment of training courses, training seminars.

6. Consulting services in the management of human resources managers, reporting on the necessary issues.

According to certain standards, one personnel manager is required for 70 employees.If your organization operates more than 100 people, a personnel manager is not enough.

What are the qualities of a professional HR manager

1. On a professional level, this management should be developed communication skills.HR Manager conducts initial interview, so a hiring manager must have an individual approach to the candidates in the occupied area.Everyone, proceed to the interview, nervous and can flounder.Task Manager - to relieve tension and predispose to the conversation, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the applicant.

2. On each workstation is a special professiogram personnel officer to determine what skills and knowledge must have the challenger.

3. Availability of socio-psychological knowledge for the management of personnel required.In this way he will be able to create a favorable climate among employees.

4. Do not do without the knowledge of records management and labor law.

As you can see, the personnel manager of the company entrusted with important assignments.From his professional knowledge and skills depends on the development of the company.As you know, the success of the organization affect its employees.