How to get rid of pop-up advertisements using?

Very often during use of the Internet, we have to look at each site opens us to a bunch of unnecessary advertising.Sometimes the ads may even be stupid or vulgar.But how to deal with that, if such advertising may see your children, and you yourself do not want to view it?People constantly ask the question: "How to get rid of pop-up a

ds?" This can be done simply, if you know how.

How to get rid of annoying advertising?

In order to know how to get rid of pop-up advertisements, you need to understand where they originate.Very often it is present on the site, harmless advertising any product or service.It interferes with few people and practically invisible.But what do you do when advertising staёt more, and because of it the browser just stops working?Good to know that advertising in the browser can often appear viruses.Perhaps you've downloaded from the Internet any file that your computer is infected with malware.And that is it extends the pop-up banners and advertisements.How to get rid of pop-up advertisements, not everyone knows, but who understand how to do it, have long forgotten about it.First of all, you need to scan your computer for viruses.Be sure to install on your computer a quality antivirus and scan the entire system.Not only that, it will remove all malicious software on your computer, but will also provide you with protection for the future.Once you have scanned the entire system and remove the virus, you need to do cleaning the system.For this perfect program CCleaner.Scan your entire system for errors and fix them, and clean the system from unnecessary information.By the way, the program can also increase your computer's performance.Once when your system will be completely clean, you have to install a program that will block all unnecessary and harmful in the browser, and soon you forget what a pop-up advertising on "Google chrome" or any other browser.There are several programs that deal with ad-blocking, but in this article you will learn about only one of them.

Is there a program to block pop-up ads?

One of the most popular programs for ad blocking - is Adblock Plus.It has long been known to people, and accurately perform their job for a long time.Search this program and the installation does not take much time.You need only enter the program name into a search engine and go to the website of the program.Here is a website where you can read the information on it with a big "Install" button.By clicking on it, you agree with the rules of the program, and it is automatically installed in your browser in a few seconds.After installation, you should appear in the browser program shortcut.A red icon with the letters APB.The browser "Google Chrome" it is located in the upper right corner.

Adblock and its ability

Once we have established a program that will help with the problem of "how to get rid of pop-up advertisements," we should find out what she like and what its capabilities.Clicking on the icon of the program, we will see a pop-up.There you can see whether the program is active on the site, and how many pop-up ads is already blocked.If you need to disable the program, you can simply remove its activity on the site.You can see how much advertising program is blocked during the whole of his work, as well as on one site.With these numbers you can brag on social networks.

Settings Adblock Plus

go to the settings, you can see the current filter and further configure the lock.You can check the box to block non-intrusive advertising.Then the program will be fully prohibit access to your computer all unnecessary information.It does not add a lot of filters, as it may slow down your browser.If you do not like the work of Adblock Plus, you can easily uninstall the program by clicking on the icon, right-click and choose "remove".The program will be completely removed from your computer, and you will again see the annoying ads.When you know all about how to get rid of pop-up advertisements, you need to know the shortcomings of the program to lock.

Cons Adblock Plus

program, like everything else, has its drawbacks.We can say this stuff.Sometimes the program prohibits entry to the site.Perhaps, this site is full advertising or malicious viruses.It improves your security, but sometimes you need to go to such sites.In this situation, you can disable Adblock Plus, and reload the page to use the site.Also, the problem of this program is that it can significantly slow down your browser.After all, before you open the site, it is necessary to block all unnecessary information.This can be seen on older computers.If you have a powerful computer, this problem does not belong to you.Hopefully, the article made it clear how to get rid of pop-up ads in your browser, and helped to fix this problem once and for all.