Plastic frenulum foreskin - what is it?

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bridle on the penis is a longitudinal skin fold.It is located on the underside of the penis.Bridle connects the head and the foreskin.


Bridle brings back the foreskin in closed position after the exposure of the glans.Due to the activity of the folds of the free movement of the skin.In addition, bridle promotes the adoption of the correct position of the head during an erection.


short frenulum men is considered a congenital disorder.Consequently, various problems may develop.A short frenulum men is the cause of pain during sexual intercourse.At the same time, the more intense will be the movement, the stronger the pain.This is due to the fact that the bridle during the act greatly stretched.This cause is considered one of the most common causes coital pain in the area of ​​the head of the penis.

bleeding and rupture

With rapid intercourse or sexual contact with a partner, having a narrow entrance to the vagina, there is too much tension on the penis skin folds.As a result, it can simply break.This is a fairly common genital trauma patients, accompanied not only by psychological stress, and heavy bleeding and severe pain.Bridle blood supply is very good in this regard, to stop the flow alone is not always possible.In this case, you may need emergency urological care.


In the case of self-break bridle too long wound, followed by an inflammatory process, with continued follow-traumatic injuries as a result of the ongoing sexual activity at the site of injury formed a rough build-up.As a result, the fold becomes stiff and tight.This in turn will promote the formation of cracks and maintain constant discomfort during sexual contact.

Irritation center

ejaculation due to a short frenulum can occur premature ejaculation.In the case of the formation of scar buildup after spontaneous rupture in this region may be involved numerous nerve processes directly associated with spinal ejaculatory center.In such a situation, a region pathological impulses.It provokes irritation of the spinal ejaculatory center and early, uncontrollable ejaculation.

consequences of a congenital defect

bridle on the foreskin is a very delicate formation.This mechanism can at any time fail.This skin fold has an increased level of sensitivity.This is due to the fact that in this area converge numerous nerves, lymph and blood vessels.The bridle receptor is present a lot more than the head itself.Between intimacy fold stretched periodically, thereby enhanced arousal and orgasm faster.This strip of skin largely determines the normal functioning of the body.Early ejaculation provoked by defects in the bridle, can cause impotence.Because of bleeding and pain partner, worrying about the likelihood of fracture begins to restrain myself during sexual advances.As a result, the process of reaching the orgasm becomes much more complicated, not only physically, but also psychologically.As a result, it can lead to an absolute erectile dysfunction.


How to stretch the bridle of the foreskin?Is it possible?There are several options to remedy the situation.One of them is to remove the bridle of the foreskin.However, not always necessary to resort to this procedure.With the use of modern equipment is carried out today, the correction bridle of the foreskin.The procedure ensures fold elongation to the desired size.This creates a gentle unobtrusive scar.

Plastic frenulum foreskin

Operation is cut (cross) and skinfold its longitudinal suturing.This allows it to extend as far as necessary.Plastic frenulum foreskin is almost 100% effective in preventing break it in the future.The intervention in an outpatient setting.To perform the procedure, does not require hospitalization.Plastic frenulum foreskin is performed under local anesthesia.Cosmetic seams overlap with materials of foreign production.They do not leave scars.Complete healing is noted after ten or twelve days.Throughout the recovery period, experts recommend to abstain from sexual intercourse.The duration of the procedure, typically less than twenty minutes.

stroke operation

A few minutes after the administration of the anesthetic doctor laterally bisecting the bridle with a scalpel.Then ligature on the artery.Then, a szhivanie longitudinal edges formed wound.In case of rough scar because of the breaks occurred in the past, it is removed.At the end of the operation the wound is applied gauze roll.

Specific information

age restrictions to conduct operations there.Patients and twelve used intravenous anesthesia.Adults anesthesia injected directly into the penis.Pre-prepare for surgery is not necessary.One of the conditions is only careful handling area, which will be interference.

In conclusion

If any suspicious manifestations, redness or pain should visit a specialist urologist.Not necessarily to go to extreme measures (cutting, for example).Plastic frenulum foreskin quickly and almost without consequences to rectify the situation and eliminate defect.Timely access to a doctor will preserve sexual function is normal.