How to compress Internet cable is

In conducting network in apartments and private homes, often there is a problem with the network cable crimp.Sometimes, even with all the necessary tools to perform this operation properly can not.And all because the network cable is an RJ-45 has its own characteristics that must take into account when carrying out such work.And today we will look at how to compress the cable internet with your own hands.To do this it will be necessary to prepare specific tools and carefully read the instructions provided.Features

network elements

Most often the RJ-45, which is used to connect a computer to the LAN is called twisted pair.This cable is a 4 or 8 small wires twisted together in pairs.Each of them has its own dense shell.Why twisted pair?It's very simple - like structure of the cable to reduce interference with the passage of electrical signals.Incidentally, if the Internet connection at speeds up to 100 megabits per second, for carrying electrical signals is sufficient to use only two twisted pairs, i.e. four wires.However, to build a high-speed gigabit networks have to use cables with 4 pairs.Experts say that the use of such wires will become more common.But so far most of the homes where a cable internet, using an RJ-45 with four wires.

methods crimping

total there are two methods of crimping power cord:

  • Direct.
  • Cross.

schemes for both you can see in the photo below.As we can see, with the direct embodiment, both ends of the cable have the same arrangement of wires in the connector.Cross same method includes crimping a pair on different sides of the cable.It uses a different procedure to connect wires.

What is the method to use to connect your home network?It's very simple - the direct method is used in cases when a computer is connected to the Internet.Crossover is applied only when it becomes necessary to connect two computers together.That is, having a home PC or laptop, it is better to use a direct cable connection method.

As crimp cable internet at home?Cooking tools

actually cope with the twisted-pair and can be their own hands, even if you do not have a great view of the local networks.As for tools, they can be purchased at any computer store of the city, and for a small price.So, what do we need to buy:

  • 1,5-2 meter RJ-45 cable.
  • Special connectors.
  • caps.
  • scalpel or a cutter.
  • LAN-Tester.
  • And most importantly - a tool that will compress the cable "twisted pair" for a few seconds.It is called Crimper.It can be purchased at a price of 500 to 2 thousand rubles, depending on the version, and the number of functions performed.With it, we can fix and crimp cable connectors.Outwardly, this machine is a mechanism such as pliers.

How to compress internet cable "4 wires"?Getting Started

prepare all the necessary materials and tools, you can get to work.Before you compress the cable internet, you must first remove his outer layer of insulation.As for the length, to connect enough to remove the 2.5-3 cm wire insulation.Remove thick plastic is possible as a shell with a knife, and with the most Crimper.Now almost all crimping tools have a special blade for removing excess layer of insulation from the twisted pair.After that will be visible near the wire thin nylon thread - it can be easily cut.

way, when stripping the cable length unwound twisted pair should not be higher than 1.25 centimeters.To make it more convenient, it is desirable to use special "ticks" that have blades with limiter.

As crimp cable internet now?Unravels the two twisted pairs of conductors and align them to carry out the following operations.After training, you can start the procedure crimping.It is done strictly according to the scheme.

Note that prior to treatment a twisted pair Crimper it must be as flat and the wires must be arranged in parallel to each other.If necessary, it can be cut in half in order conductor exhibited.This is done using the blade on Crimper.

Working with Crimper

Next comes the most important part of the work.So, put on connector and gently compress the Crimper it.To do this, enter the conductors in the network connector RJ-45 cable.It is important to remember that all the colors must match, that is strictly connected white to white, blue - the blue, and so on.But here it is necessary to mention one small point.Before you compress the cable internet, be aware that the network will work even if the connector were connected to different shades of wires.However, this applies only to some types of elements.For example, instead of the blue, you can connect the white-blue instead of orange - orange and blue, and so on. D.

Also make sure that the conductor accurately entered in the allotted hole in the connector.Otherwise, data transmission, and accordingly, and the work of the Internet on the PC will not be possible.Make sure the correct color matching and the arrangement of conductors take Crimper and compress network cable.Here's how: cable and connector are inserted into the device and is compressed to the last handle.Note that this element has several holes for different types of wires (4R2S, RJ-12 and others), namely three.Specifically for the RJ-45 cable that hole is in the middle.

Test results of

But the question of how to compress 4-core cable for the Internet with their own hands, not yet resolved before the end.Next, we will verify the correctness of the work performed.This is done not "at random", and with the help of a special device - LAN-Tester.How to use this tool?First, you need to insert the cable connectors into the tester.Further, the device is connected to the power supply.If no error tester finds all the lights on it will light one by one, one after another.If you notice that the tool is "missed" one of the conductors (not one indicator lights up), then in the nest there gapping contacts.In this case, the network cable is re-crimping procedure and again tested.

What if a second crimp has not helped to solve the problem?

In this case, the problem may be hiding in the connector.It so happens that at the entrance may become twisted veins in it, and then ensure the tightness of the contacts is simply impossible.Try replacing the connector on the other.In most cases, it aids in connecting network.


all, at this stage of our cable ready.Similar to the above case, treat the other end of the wire.Then you can easily sum it to your computer.The main thing here - do not forget how to connect the wires.So, we figured out how to compress the cable internet with your own hands.As you can see, the whole procedure is very simple and clear, and the time is just a few minutes.