How to lubricate the CPU cooler, video card, power supply and PC

can not talk about the normal operation of the computer when the system unit is not lubricated.Many believe that this needs to be done.And it is wrong.The presence of the lubricant should be checked regularly.It contributes to its high temperature drying.Let's see how to grease CPU cooler.It is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.You will need a couple of screwdrivers, a special paste and a little patience.All work is done with the power off, this requires safety.

How to understand that it is time to lubricate the computer?

Indeed, how to do it?After all, no obvious signs of lack of lubrication is not necessary to do anything.About it tells you there is no increased level of noise that eventually becomes stronger and stronger.If the hum is not lost after a few minutes of operation of the system unit, this indicates that the grease enters the bearing, and it happens because of the fact that it simply is not there.If no action is taken, then after a while you have to change the cooler, but it is more expensive than to buy a graphite lubricant.

How to choose a lubricant cooler?

As for her choice, there are several ways.You can go to the store and buy something that will recommend or make it yourself.To lubricate the bearing fit and motor oil, which is designed for high temperatures.Do not forget that along the way you need to remove dust from the fan, as it interferes with the normal venting and degrades overall system performance.

Dismantling and grease CPU cooler

You have to understand that the principle of the CPU fan, power supply and the video card is the same.That is why, and understand all these elements are substantially similar.Differences parts consist in that they have different dimensions and fastening methods, but it should not become a problem for you.Before you lubricate the CPU cooler, it must be removed and disassembled.For this fit the usual Phillips head screwdriver.It is possible that the mount is designed as a latch, which can loosen without special tools.Please note that hold grease without removing the cooler, it is impossible.Now you need a party label.It must be carefully tear off, but do not damage the wires.Sometimes there is a rubber plug.If it is a knife or screwdriver to pry it must withdraw.Next you need to remove a washer that holds the impeller, then you can get down to business.

lubrication and installation

Be extremely careful with the removal of the puck as it is very easy to damage!If this happens, you have to look for a new, and find the same will be very difficult.Most modern coolers are equipped with a special opening through which the oil can using grease can be submitted.In this case, you can not even mount the device from the radiator, and immediately get down to business.But as to grease CPU cooler, if there is no hole, it is much more complicated, then this is the case we consider.First, you must prepare the surface by removing wear debris and clearing space for lubrication.This can be done with a damp cloth.Do not forget to treat the bushing.Next to all the rubbing surfaces of the cooler should be applied graphite lubricant.The layer must be thin.The whole working surface of the bearing is also covered with grease.You can then proceed to the assembly, which is performed in reverse sequence to removal.

Manufacturing grease their hands

To do this we will use graphite, which is considered the best option.Do not forget that it is unacceptable to use the mineral-based oil, best suited synthetics.For the manufacture of grease you need only graphite and oil.Next you need to thoroughly stir the mixture until a homogeneous mass.Thereafter, the lubricant can be applied to the surface layer of 1-2 mm.With regard to graphite, then you can get it from a pencil.To do this, take a fine sandpaper and rub it on the rod pencil.After adding a few drops of synthetic oil mix.Graphite grease is ready.As practice shows, all the problems with the CPU cooler thus solved a long time.But if the problem is in the O-rings, then you will not get rid of the hum, which is caused by wear and tear.It remains only to perform a comprehensive replacement.But I would like to draw your attention to the fact that if the noise we endure, we can leave the situation unchanged, since the play does not affect the efficiency of the cooler.

Grease cooler graphics card and power supply

As noted above, the process of assembly and disassembly of about the same for all the coolers.This also applies to grease.But there are some differences that are worth paying attention to.Replacing the grease on the graphics card is as follows.Unscrew the four bolt fastening the cooler, and then cleaned with a fan.Recording a sticker, and then gum.The lubricant can be used as oil for sewing machines or motor (synthetic).Since grease the cooler on the video card is quite simple, something that's all events can be considered finished.As for the power supply, everything is similar.But the amount of lubricant can be increased slightly, although it all depends on the power unit.Do not forget about that without lubrication device for a long time will not work, as it increases the friction and wear of the rubbing surfaces.You also can not use a large amount of lubricant, this cooler will not operate.

How to lubricate a cooler PC, or something else you need to know

As noted above, the first item to be removed.And only then start greasing.But even if you can lubricate the cooler without removing it, do it only when the system unit is turned off.Another important point - a lack of lubrication graphite large foreign inclusions.The presence of such contributes to the fact that the bearing can jam, and are likely to overheat cooler.It would not be good, especially when it comes to fan motherboard or processor card.So we figured out how to grease CPU cooler.You must have noticed that there is no big deal.Moreover, everything is so simple that you can do with improvised means and did not acquire further.


Perhaps everything important has already been said.I would also like to note that for lubrication coolers need to pay attention to the condition of thermal paste, which is responsible for heat dissipation into the environment.Over time, it dries out and can no longer fulfill their function, which is why it is recommended to be replaced periodically.Unfortunately, to make it on their own is very difficult, so do not take the money and buy a small tube in the store.Apply a thin layer of it, but first you need to remove the old paste.Then you need to carefully degrease the surface and apply a new layer.Now you know how to lubricate the power supply cooler and processor, as well as to change the thermal paste.Do not forget to collect all the same way as dismantled.After assembly, there should be no unnecessary details.If you notice that the rubber O-rings erased cooler, try to find a replacement, because otherwise noise may remain because of the backlash.