Interesting facts about the wars.

World history is replete with a huge number of wars that have affected virtually every continent and most of the pre-existing and the currently existing states.Each of them studied in detail by historians, scientists, politicians, however, in spite of the rigorous research, a variety of monographs dedicated to a particular conflict, interesting facts about the war remains largely unknown to the general audience.

one of the bloodiest and largest in the history of mankind was the Second World War 1939 - 1945, which affected more than 60 existing at the time of.The main participants were the members of the two coalitions - the Axis (Germany, Italy, Japan) and the anti-Hitler coalition (US, UK, USSR and China).

Interesting facts about the War of 1941 - 1945

At the beginning of the US war by watching the events unfold, not to enter the war until December 7, 1941 Japan has not defeated the American fleet based at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

After that, the US has become a full participant in the anti-Hitler coalition.But almost immediately the Americans faced significant challenges: they had to provide training and pilot training, preparing them for combat in the Pacific.Doing it in the open ocean was not possible because of the danger from German submarines.Then, the US command decided to spend practicing takeoffs, maneuvers and landings on an aircraft carrier on the Great Lakes.Especially for this was converted 2 steamer.During the exercise it was prepared more than 18 thousand pilots and lost about three hundred aircraft due to accidents.That is why at the bottom of the Great Lakes have so many fragments of this military equipment.

Hawaiian dollar - what kind of currency?

attack on a US military base was the cause of the "Hawaii of the dollar."Government to urgently withdraw from all public dollars, replacing them with the bills large inscription «HAWAII».

This maneuver was made possible in case of capture by the Japanese islands, if it happened, in the hands of the enemy came to the currency not having any value.

«Camel luck»

Interesting facts about war two coalitions give an idea not only about endurance and ability to make difficult decisions command the Allies, but also wit and innovative approach in the fight against the enemy.Thus, the German tankers who fought in North Africa, brought an unusual tradition - to move "luck" of a handful of camel dung.Allied troops, noting a trend began to produce anti-personnel mines, which were disguised under the guise of such piles, and destroy more than one enemy tank.Having solved maneuver your opponent, the Germans began to go around untouched manure.But here the allies to show imagination, creating a mine that had kind of piles of manure from next drove them from the caterpillars.

Carrot diet and vitamin A

What other interesting facts about the wars demonstrate originality of thought Allied Command?A striking example of the effect of which is preserved in our time, has become a legend of vitamin A, which is allegedly in large numbers found in carrots and a direct impact on improving eyesight and skin condition.In fact the number of carrot eaten directly does not affect eyesight and healthy skin.This myth was invented by the British who developed radar, with which night the pilots could see the German bombers.To the enemy did not think about the invention, the military extended the publication in newspapers of the carrot diet pilots.

Tomb of Tamerlane and the war: is there a connection?

about whether there is a link between fiction and reality, can be found examining some interesting facts about the war.1941, June 21 - Soviet scientists opened the tomb of the famous Turkic commander Tamerlane discovered in Samarkand.According to one tradition, opening the grave will lead to war.June 22 this year, the Germans attacked the Soviet Union, thereby unleashing a war, known as the Great Patriotic War.However, such a circumstance is unusual among scholars considered just a coincidence, since the available data plan for Germany attacked the USSR was approved long before 1941.

Interesting facts about the Great Patriotic War: the animals and their role

theater of war of 1941-1945 turned the USSR and became known as the Great Patriotic War.During the conflict, killing large numbers of people who fought for the liberation of their homeland from the Nazi invaders.However, not only the human resources involved in the fighting.

Interesting facts about the War of 1941 - 1945 indicate that combat operations were actively involved animals.Soviet dog handlers trained dogs, whose purpose was to destroy German tanks.Dogs were fed little, accustoming them to what food they can get under the machine layout.Thus, already taught a dog with them attached to packs with TNT and explosives during the battle fled to the enemy tanks, undermining them and yourself.Until now, there are disputes about the effectiveness of this method of fighting the enemy.

sometimes unexpected boon for lovers of history are interesting facts about the Great War.For example, it is known that besides dogs participated in the Great Patriotic War and took the camels ...!To be more precise, the camels were drawing force for guns in the 28th reserve army, formed in Astrakhan during the battle for Stalingrad.Due to lack of equipment and Soviet military horses were forced to catch wild camels and tame them.About 350 animals were involved in hostilities.Most of them died, but even two camels came to Berlin with the Soviet army.Surviving animals were sent to zoos.

Interesting facts about the war of 1945, but rather on the bottom of the landmark on June 24 held when Victory Parade in Moscow, told the inhabitant of the notable event of this grand procession, one of the participants in the parade carrying a jacket dog.

It was not just a dog, famous for Dzhilbras that during clearance operations in European countries have found about 150 rounds and 7,000 min.But on the eve of Dzhilbras he was injured and could not go on parade among other representatives of the school of military dogs.That is why Stalin gave the order to carry it through Red mercy on his tunic.

«Coca-Cola" in the USSR?

Interesting facts about the war and illuminate the unknown side of the diplomatic relations between the USSR and the USA, in particular, between their leading political figures.For example, during the war in Europe, there was a meeting of the USSR Marshal Georgy Zhukov and US Army General Dwight Eisenhower, during which General Marshall treated "Coca-Cola".

Zhukov praised the drink and turned to Eisenhower with a request to take him to the headquarters.In order to avoid rumors about the worship of Soviet general as a bright symbol of American imperialism, Zhukov asked discolored, "Coca-Cola".This wish has been transferred to the plant for the production of beverage through President Harry Truman.Chemists managed to discolor "Coca-Cola", which amount to 50 boxes brought Marshal in ordinary bottles with a red star and a white cap.

How did the "Fanta»

However, this is not the only incident associated with the "Coca-Cola".Interesting facts about the wars talk, in fact there was a "phantom".

Even in the early years of World War II, the German representative of factory for bottling of the drink left without ingredients that are supplied from the United States.In search of an alternative to the Germans started to produce another product, using waste from the food production (whey and apple cake).The drink was called simply "Phantom" - short for "Fantasia."Until now, there is a perception that the factory director and inventor of the drink was a Nazi - Max Kate.But this is not true, he was not a Nazi.After the war, Kate got in touch with the main office of "Coca-Cola" in the US, ownership of the company over the plant in Germany has been restored.The leaders did not give up already managed to win a lot of popularity, "phantom" and continued its production on a par with "Coca-Cola".

30 years later

30 years after the Great Victory of allies in the war there was quite a symbolic case: in July 1975 over Moscow was scheduled docking of the US space ship "Apollo" and the Soviet "Union" during which involves an exchange of handshakes astronauts.However, the calculation of the venue has been made correctly, and a handshake took place over the river Elbe, where for 30 years prior to that held a meeting of American and Soviet soldiers.

All these interesting facts about the wars, little known to the public, shows the opposite side of the events and sometimes light funny or unusual cases that bright ribbon woven into the story of heavy military everyday life.