How to disable the startup programs in Windows 7: possible ways.

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There are situations where every second counts.And now imagine that you start your computer, in a hurry, but he still loads and loads of ... How to disable the startup programs in Windows 7, so that this process was a little bit faster?After all, the PC startup speed is dependent on how many programs you need to run in the primary operating system is loaded.

fastest way

As you can understand, to make off AutoPlay in Windows 7 can be a variety of ways.Long and not very much.Most fast method, however, the least reliable is to remove the extra program in a special folder.To do this you must go to "Start" - "All Programs" - "Startup".Remove out all unnecessary shortcuts and links to programs.Unfortunately, this method does not always help.It was relevant in the operating systems up to Windows Vista.He deserves a mention because of the fact that some users often need to remove from startup just one program.

following method

As you know, on any operating system, there are utilities to configure any parameter.And startup programs in Windows 7 can be adjusted by means of a specific command.To enter it, go to "Start" menu and type in the search box msconfig, without the quotes.

In the window that you need to go to the tab "Startup".You will see a list of programs that are run by default when you start your computer.How to disable the startup programs in Windows 7 with the help of this tool?You just need to remove the checkmark in those applications that do not have to run alone.

Then click "OK" or "Apply".A dialog box that prompts you to restart the computer.Doing this is not necessary.You still night will disable their equipment, and the next morning Startup no longer work.This is probably the most reliable, and most importantly, safe method for the user.If

inexplicably you do not have a search string, you can call the command line by pressing a combination of "Win + R".Where "Win" - is a button with the Windows logo key on your keyboard.


Of course, if you have hands grow from the right place, and you're dealing with something more dangerous than conventional applications, such as a virus or adware, you can go to the registry.How to disable the startup programs in Windows 7 by using the registry?To do this you will again need to use the search box or the Run, as stated in the preceding paragraph.Only now you have to type the command regedit, too, without the quotes.

This opens a window registry.In it we are interested in two main folders.


first is responsible for the entire computer entirely, and the second - for the data of the user.Or rather, in order, under whose username you are currently working.It is also worth mentioning that it is desirable to edit the registry administrator.However, when it comes to your home computer, then most likely you have and it will be just one user.

So, how to disable startup programs in Windows 7?In the above folders you need to follow the following path: Software - Microsoft - Windows - CurrentVersion - Run.

to the destination folder are located all entries responsible for the load of programs at the start of the personal computer.Disabling autorun in Windows 7 by using the registry as follows.You need to remove the entry with the name of the program that keeps you at the start.

outside help

If you are accustomed to trust others more than yourself, you can use third-party applications.Disable startup programs in Windows 7, you can make an application like CCleaner.It is a robust application that has long been established in the range of users as a tool for setting up and care for the operating system of your personal computer.In order to manage your applications, which are located in the startup, run CCleaner.

In the left menu, you must go to "Tools" sub "Startup".Before your eyes a list of all applications that can be run together with your personal computer.To avoid this, you only need to select the desired program from the list and click on the "turn off" on the right.


If none of the above methods did not help any program continues to run as usual, perhaps, you are faced with a manifestation of viral activity.There malicious utilities that own prescribed in startup, even after you delete them from there.Therefore, be sure to check the PC for viruses, advertising banners and programs of unknown origin.Perhaps wrecker stuck in some programs that you use regularly, such as "Skype".Thus, at startup "Skype" virus will start its activities.Therefore, be sure to check your PC utilities such as Dr.Web & AdWareBlock.They have to find most of contagion lurking on your computer.