Keep windows open in a new browser window, what to do?

Probably every one of you, dear reader, will agree that Internet browser - this is the most comfortable to date software tool through which the user can interact with a special comfort with various kinds of web content.However, none of the popular software products, whether it is Google Chrome, FireFox and Opera, are not sufficiently effective functionality that would protect the beginner from the development of malicious script "Windows Open in new window."Browser security tools often powerless against the cunning tricks programmers advertisers.As a result, the user becomes the victim of imposed crossings.

So, let's see what can be done in such situations.How to counteract the digital hype and as a "cure" browser from this kind of infection?We offer you, dear reader, effective methods to combat malicious redirection!

How does the "advertising lawlessness"?

«Windows Open in new window" - a fairly common technique among techies earning on traffic generation!Let's skip the description of the perceived difficult to the uninitiated user working algorithm of redirection.We note only that the "forwarding" can occur for several reasons:

  • on the user's machine installed malicious software that is most likely.
  • on the site using a viral script.
  • prudent "businessman" bought the browser plug-in particular, and modified it in their, so to speak, interests.

How this information will help prevent "arbitrary browser" when windows are opened in a new window without our participation?The answer is below.

Symptoms of infection of the computer system

it does not matter how you use a search engine: Google, Bing or Yandex.Advertising modules are used in each of them.But if you notice that the page that opens does not correspond to the entered address or to one request multiple windows open at the same time - it is a sign of infection!If the software part of your PC in the power of the virus, it is quite understandable why during an Internet session so willfully computer behaves.

So, the typical symptoms of the disease a browser:

  • spontaneously changed the browser home page.
  • Without any action by the user incomprehensible windows open in a new browser window.
  • previously worked flawlessly bookmarks are not activated.
  • The extensions were unknown plug-ins and applications.
  • The most obvious sign of trouble - loaded some Internet page that can not be closed.

collecting enough variety of information about you and constantly forming your "network portfolio", the virus begins to operate on historical data, masterfully replacing your searches and redirecting you as a "victim" of a resource whose owner pays for a rogue optimizer.Despite the enormous financial costs of powerful IT-companies to combat the "black" methods of advertising, fishing dishonest programmers still a profitable business today.

What to do when advertising opens in a new window: software solutions

At first glance, such a "harmless" behavior of the browser can simply annoy the person.Super-functional virus can completely void the user's mind.For advertising page may not close enough or capriciously respond to all access attempts to close it.In this case, you must use a special anti-virus software.

Removing rootkits and Trojans via Kaspersky TDSSKiller

  • Download the official free utility server.
  • start an application, activate the option "Change Settings".
  • In the next window, select the check box "Detect file system ...".After
  • made the settings, click "Start Scan".

A few minutes later the report will be displayed.The problem of "constantly open new windows" will be permitted after you activate the "Continue" button.

cleaning system against spyware through a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

no less effective program, you can quickly bring the system back in order.

  • install the downloaded from the web utility.
  • When first put «Malwarebytes» spontaneously begin to update anti-virus software.
  • After a short download new virus database, click on the button «Fix Now».

  • scan duration depends on the capacity of your drive.
  • In the event that the PC is infected, the working area of ​​the program will display a list of detected "infections", which will be destroyed after you activate the button «Apply Action».
  • Close the program and restart your computer.

efficient converter of viruses - HitmanPro

This program will help you to resolve the situation, when constantly opens a new browser window.Superb speed settings of the program does not affect the quality of work HitmanPro.The algorithm of actions:

  • Download above utility.
  • Immediately after installation, follow HitmanPro scanning system for infected objects.
  • after a complete check PCs in the program window will display a list of virus-containing files.
  • Click "Next".
  • After the uninstall process, close the anti-virus software.

Some possible difficulties

Some viral programs can effectively interfere with the installation and complete the above ad-aware-scanners.In such cases, download the operating system in safe mode and run only antivirus utilities.

  • At that point, when the computer is in the process of initialization, press «F8» (in some versions of BIOS-function button can be different).
  • From the list of boot select "Safe Mode with Networking."

indispensable for web surfing

In some cases it is advisable to use a third-party software.For example, to install on your computer a small application Ad-Mancher, you save yourself from view constantly flashing banners and other types of advertising.However, the process of familiarization with the online content will be really enjoyable and as safe as possible happy.Undemanding to resources program only occasionally will remind her of the notice that you want to download the update.After a free utility is integrated into the browser, the speed of loading web pages will increase significantly.In general, as the user will notice as unauthorized opening new windows in Internet Explorer, it is worth to install Ad-Mancher, and the problem will disappear.

Reset Internet Explorer

You will need quite a bit:

  • Open the main settings menu (the gear icon in the form, which is located in the right corner of the program, from top).
  • drop-down list, select "Internet Options."
  • In the window that opens, go to the tab "Advanced".
  • Activate the "Reset" button.
  • Select the check box "Delete personal settings".
  • confirm your action by pressing the "Reset".

activation cleaning process FireFox

The procedure is simple to ugliness:

  • Go to the settings menu of the browser (horizontal stripes in the upper right corner of your browser).
  • In the bottom of the window there is a tab in the form of a question mark - click on it.
  • The "Help" menu, click on "Information for solving problems."
  • Block "Adjusting FireFox» press "Clear ...".
  • After confirming uncontrolled situation "open new browser windows" will be allowed.

return to the default settings: Google Chrome

It is also very simple:

  • Click on the icon in the form of horizontal stripes (the upper right corner of your browser).
  • From the drop-down menu, select "Settings".
  • At the bottom of the program window you must activate the option "Show advanced ...".
  • At the bottom of the browser there is a button "Reset" - click on it.
  • Confirm your changes in the browser.

In conclusion

And finally, let me give you some advice:

  • Almost every browser you can install a special extension that is in the process of surfing the Web will block "scripted scenario".
  • Before downloading any software from the web, ask a question: "And you deserve a source of confidence?»
  • During installation, pay attention to the additional items and marked with check-boxes.You may try to introduce an unfavorable soft.
  • Often a browser shortcut properties of malicious code prescribes a link to its own Internet resource.
  • Make sure the "Internet Options" on the general tab Set the correct address of the home page.
  • Well, the last decision (several distracted from the topic of the article, but nevertheless close in fact) to resolve our situation.Just below we will focus on how the folder will open in a new window ...

Often, the user is faced with a situation where work is in Windows Explorer is a real nightmare.However, the mentioned problem is "omnipresent" for the whole OS.To remove the "clutter effect", go to "Folder Options" and choose the "Open ... in the same window."This action will allow you to get rid of an uncomfortable moment when viewing files.That's all.The effectiveness of your decisions and virus-free software!