How to enter the BIOS at Sony, depending on the model of the chip

When working with personal computers often there are situations when the user, for whatever reason, you need to get into the BIOS settings utility.The main feature of the entrance is the fact that to enter the menu you need to press different buttons, depending on the notebook model and BIOS.Let's look at how to enter the BIOS by Sony and that is it.

What are we dealing

What is the BIOS itself?It is a basic input-output system.That is, it is responsible for the initial loading of the computer and check its hardware errors in the initial phase, before starting the operating system.

Before you go into BIOS to Sony, and in other notebook models, think, so whether it is necessary for you.With BIOS, you can set the system date and time to determine the source bootable system, manage the connection of external devices, and computer security.If you can do without logging in BIOS, that do not do it, because they can damage the operating system of your PC.

Now, if you are sure of the need to change the settings using the BIOS, proceed.


Login BIOS on any device performed by pressing special buttons during initial boot.Depending on the manufacturer, but in this case, Sony Vaio, enter the BIOS you need to get to the start screen.To constantly not to climb to the Internet and not to seek the necessary BIOS button, just watch carefully for loading the laptop.In the lower left corner of the title will fly in which you will specify a desired button.

Once you got to this article, the answer to the question "how to enter the BIOS in the Sony" next.You will need to press the F2 or F3.To accurately in time with the click, immediately after the start continuously run them to click.If you did not work, there are other options that depend on the BIOS chip set.

  • ALR Advanced Logic Research BIOS - Ctrl + alt + Esc.
  • AMD Advanced Micro Devices BIOS - F1.
  • Phoenix BIOS - Ctrl + alt + S / Ctrl + alt + Ins.
  • AMI American Megatrends BIOS - Del.
  • DTK Datatech Enterprises BIOS - Esc.

Any combination of these keys can be used on your laptop, depending on the assembly.In addition, some newer models of the entrance is from the off state, press the button on the Assist.

Windows 8

peculiarity of modern operating systems is that they use instead of BIOS technology UEFI.The essence remains the same, this is the same program that is responsible for the initial loading of the computer for a small difference in the solution and software.It is more adapted to the latest operating system.

If your Sony has Windows 8, then you may have some problems with UEFI.This is primarily due to the fact that the so-called support UEFI technology to accelerate your downloads, whereby you have a 200 ms to pressing the required keys to enter.Is small enough, is not it?

So, how to go to the Sony BIOS in Windows 8. There are several ways.

  1. The command line command is entered accurately shutdown.exe / r / o.This will restart your computer to configure the BIOS.
  2. The other way is that when you press the reset button hold down Shift.This will cause additional options at boot time.They pass on the following items: "Diagnostics" - "Advanced Settings" - "Options firmware UEFI".
  3. Using the PC setting.
  • Press Windows + C, to open the panel with "tiles".
  • Click "Settings".
  • Click "Change PC settings".
  • In the "PC Settings", go to "General".
  • In the "Advanced Start", click "Reload".OS restarts, and a special menu will load Windows 8.
  • Go to the "Troubleshooting".
  • In the "Troubleshooting" click "Advanced Settings".
  • you go to "Settings firmware UEFI".
  • to restart the operating system and the transition to UEFI, click "Restart."

Good luck!

After this article, dear users of Sony, you enter the BIOS, you probably figured out.Now, this should not be a serious problem for you.We recommend several times to think before you make any changes to the BIOS.This can not only damage your PC, but also result in the subsequent failure by the manufacturer of the repair under warranty.