How to use startup programs at startup

Each of us at work for personal computer uses a certain set of commands.If this is your workplace, then load all the necessary software takes a long time.You go to your computer, turn on the power system unit, after loading the operating system begins to run a lot of labels, it is spending its time, but could be doing something more useful.To make life easier in such a situation may come to the aid startup programs at startup.

What is the startup and why is it needed?

So autostart.As the name implies, these are programs that run without your command, when the operating system starts.But do not be confused with viruses.Yes, some malicious software can be prescribed to the startup, but we are talking not about him.Some programs, such as Skype, found in the startup and remove them out is problematic, but can be disabled.Some programs are not written to the startup, but continues to pester users appearing on the screen when booting the PC, but this misfortune can be overcome.

General methods

If you are tired of the order of startup programs when you turn on your computer, there are several ways to remove bored applications.Let's first look at some of the options inherent in most of the operating systems to the generation of Windows 8. These include startup programs Windows XP and Windows 7.

  1. panel "Start".If you click on the icon on the desktop Win, and then will follow the path of "My Software" - "Startup", then open the folder.If you put it in the program shortcuts, when you start your computer application will open automatically.The reverse is true.If there is a shortcut to any program, it is removed automatically start the application stops.However, it is not a panacea.Programs such as "Skype" and "Torrent" is not placed there, so remove them from the startup difficult.
  2. Another more efficient way, which will allow you to configure startup programs when the computer is put in "Start" menu in the search command msconfig.There, select the tab "Startup", you can take all the necessary boxes next to bore applications.
  3. Many third-party applications have built-in startup settings.You will not find them in the autoloader described locations, but can turn-off it by setting the program.

first method is best if you want to add startup programs, because, if necessary, remove it from there it will be easier to do.The question "How to remove the program from startup," answers the second point.

Windows 8: features startup

As our favorite developers have managed to change everything here, the startup programs Windows 8 is also different from all previous versions of the operating systems.

addition to the above methods, the new operating system gives the user the ability to manage the startup through the Task Manager.On the one hand, it is much more convenient, because to get to this tool has become much easier.On the other hand, it is now available to even the most unenlightened users who are able to anything spoil.

As you can see, startup programs Windows 8 is quite easy to manage.To enable or disable a program, simply press the appropriate button.

CCleaner - a useful program

If you do not want to delve into the "inner" of your machine to configure startup programs when you turn on your computer, you can use special applications.The leader among operating systems serving law program is a utility CCleaner.Currently available in version 5.02.With it, you can also set the startup programs at startup.To do this, after you start the application, go to "Tools" tab, and then - in subparagraph "Auto".You will see a whole panel, in which you can configure the auto-run is not only during the boot process, but when you run certain applications (for example, specific browsers).