Child development in 5.5 years.

Features of development of a child aged 5.5 years suggest many difficulties, but the baby is quite capable and active, so with the right information will be holding classes they received.We need to make sure that he became interested in the possibility of their own to do the simple things, then the effect of the training will surpass expectations.

principle of gradual development

Most of the time you need to take to engage in those things that are most fond of the baby.If he still appreciates the fun and games, so it is with their help, you need to carry out a gradual development of the child 5.5 years old, his preparation for school.Education should be interesting, exciting and not to spoil the mood.

child's intellectual development in 5.5 years define various processes of learning about the world.A particularly important role in this aspect plays a care also requires perseverance.If your baby at this age already possesses these qualities, it is safe to say that the process of child development will be fast and exciting, it will make significant progress.

Features of attending

total development of the child 5.5 years still imperfect because it does not know how to concentrate.The kid can first listen to or watch the movements of an adult, but it is necessary to happen any distractions as directed care disappears, and the child begins to engage in foreign affairs or become distracted.In the process of intellectual formation, in which adults often overlook features of development of a child aged 5.5 years, it should be remembered that the mobility, frequent change of type of activity are fundamental factors in achieving maximum results.Therefore, they should be given enough time.

One of the main problems, which envisages the development of a child 5.5 years, is a constant focus on the formation of voluntary attention.The child must not only have a craving for knowledge, but also be aware of their responsibility and duty to acquire knowledge that provide it are adults.We need to teach your baby to the fact that he is obliged to efficiently and diligently to perform any task, do each exercise, regardless of whether they like it or not.

What should I do, that the learning process has been effective?

should gradually form a baby has the ability to long concentration.A huge role in this process is the holding of interesting games and teaching the lessons of the lungs.This will help your child will get used to the fact that he needs to keep information to be able to use it always remember, if necessary.

great importance is the formation of the ability to switch from one activity to another, and not on their own, and at the request of an adult.You can begin to develop a child's ability to focus on multiple objects, but from this point it is impossible to overdo it.

perception of time

It is necessary to distribute the mode of the day the baby in time, as has already be thinking about how will be the development of school-age children.Separate sessions are planned for each day, it is also desirable to paint all prospective exercise and achieve weekly and monthly basis, and can plan for the year ahead.

kid alone is not able to analyze how complicated an action, and how long it takes approx.To the child 5.5 years clearly learned some information that has broken its own stereotypes, need to show him what to learn certain words, do physical exercise or other activities that at first glance seem easy, really hard.This will help your child in the future to plan reserved for sports and leisure time.

desirable through a variety of games, mobile and intellectual pursuits to ensure the baby the opportunity to build an independent causal relationships.Even if these actions, he will carry out unconsciously, in his subconscious postpone the different aspects that affect the organization of time.

involuntary memory

girl 5 years old can easily and quickly remember what for it is really interesting.Even vivid memories are erased from the memory of the child very quickly, so after a time he forgets even the most important events.Parents are often surprised by such features in the behavior of the baby, but it should be remembered that such a perception of reality is justified in his body physiologically.

At the age of 5.5 years, different children different prevalence of any type of memory.Some boast a visual memory, that is, the ability to reproduce the information, presented in front of the eyes of any picture.Some distinguished especially developed auditory memory.There are also children who are very emotional, so the occurrence of strong impressions they remember the event for a long time, is the cause of something large-scale or unusual.When the classes, it is desirable to take action for the development of all types of memory, paying special attention to those aspects that are imperfectly developed, to make the most of the child to adapt to society and ability to learn.

Speech Development

Often children can not say everything sounds right.You can check this by simply opening the alphabet and ask your child to read all the letters.For those who seem to him the most difficult, is necessary to stop with continued training.It should constantly repeat the correct pronunciation of the letter or sound, interesting and clearly explain what has caused a certain value.If a long time do not show progress, it is advisable to apply as soon as possible by a qualified speech therapist.

Learning to read

Usually children aged 5.5 years, showing unprecedented interest in various books.Sometimes they are interested in pictures, but often they try to read the letters and see what interesting things are written in a particular instance.If parents are constantly talking with your child, read it for the interesting stories of his age, he will want to learn to do the same.This will accelerate the social development of the child.To bring the appearance of such a craving for knowledge, you need to sing with your baby light and short songs, or learn simple poems.It is desirable then to recite in any children's matinee, the baby (eg a girl of 5 years), gradually develop good diction.

Features a child's learning

At the age of 5.5 years, it is already possible to entrust the child to collect colored blocks with the letters of the alphabet.Allowed gradually forms the even shorter words, but do not overload his mind challenging workout attention and memory, as in the preparation of stress knowledge is gradually forgotten.It is necessary to intensify the development of the child.If the process of improvement of the intellectual qualities of the baby and learning to read takes place slowly, it is slow, but for a long time, remembers everything he taught adults.It is desirable to ensure that the child remembers all the letters and not confuse them.If some of the gaps in knowledge are seen, you need hard to fill them, constantly reminding your child about the importance of letters or words.

when an adult reads aloud to your child, it is necessary to choose the bright books provided with interesting pictures and illustrations.It is also important interesting storylines.The kid is hard to learn this skill, since the age of 5.5 years, always predisposes to it.It is advisable to gently correct the mistakes of the Child, to oversee properly storing them some features, then the effect of the training will be persistent.