Transcription of the English language.

Increasingly, you can see that in any kind of work requires specialists with knowledge of English, and he is in demand in many areas of human life.This is the first signal that you need to learn the language at least at the normal level.As you know, it starts with the study of proper reading and understanding every word, because wrong interpretation can distort meaning.Transcription of the English language will allow you to clearly and correctly read each syllable words without distorting the values ​​of the lexical unit.Consider what is a transcription and how it is read.

transcription of English words - it ...

Transcription is a graphical representation of the sounds of language.Knowledge of transcription - is the basis of language learning, because, without knowing it, you will not be able to start reading, and the other person does not understand you, because you can say the word with a phonetic mistake.Pronunciation of English words has always been a difficulty for people who start to learn thi

s language, but it is merely a consequence of ignorance of the rules of transcription and reading.Accordingly, in order to learn to express their thoughts and to properly formulate utterances in English, you should study the transcription, because it is the base on which to build further development of the language.If you learn how to write a transcription of the English language, you can easily master and speaking as clearly will represent the structure of the word, letter by expanding it sounds.

ratio of English letters and sounds

As is known, in English only twenty-six letters, sounds and much more.Each one of them as it is necessary to record and voice.Not all English words are subject to the existing rules of reading.Native speakers learn the traditional pronunciation childhood.But for people who are learning English as a foreign language, and was developed by a transcription of the English language.This graphics system in which sounds are marked with special signs.

sounds and letters in the English alphabet are divided in this regard, according to the letter that corresponds to twenty twenty-four sounds, vowels and six - twenty sounds, all of which is the ratio of twenty-six English letters to forty-four sounds.Let us consider some of the provisions that have characterized the transcription.

Transcription of English language: the basic rules

  • Transcription words in square brackets - [...].
  • There are letters for some sounds, transcription, they appear different icons.
  • There are several types of stresses that have different designations in the transcription of the word.
  • The transcription of some words you can find sounds in parentheses - (...).This designation indicates that a sound standing in the brackets can be pronounced (for example, in the American language variants) or may not (in a classic British pronunciation).
  • Colon, delivered after the main sound, indicating the duration of its sound.

Once you learn these rules, you will be able to read a transcription itself.The table below shows the recent changes in the transcription of some words.

The form


Another notation

[i:] f ee l [i:]
[i] f i ll [ı]
[e] f e ll [e]
[ɔ:] f a ll [ɔ:]
[u] f u ll [ʋ]
[u:] f oo l [u:]
[ei] f ai l [eı]
[ou] f oa l [əʋ]
[ai] f i le [aı]
[au] f ou l [aʋ]
[ɔi] f oi l [ɔı]
[æ] c a t [æ]
[ɔ] c o t [ɒ]
[ʌ] c u t [ʌ]
[ə:] c u rt [ɜ:]
[ɑ:] c a rt [ɑ:]
[iə] t ie r [ıə]
[ɛə] t ea r [eə]
[uə] t ou r [ʋə]
[ə] b a nan a [ə]

little about transcription Russian

Difficulty pronouncing the words of a foreign language there are the representatives of all nationalities, as the sounds of different dialects canquite significantly different.Certainly the British and studying Russian, asking the teachers' transcription translation into English. "Kind of a simplified version for the development of unfamiliar English words - in Russian transcription, ie the transfer of a foreign language phonemes using native sounds.In another way, this method is called phonetic transliteration.This word will look like this: [fenetik] [Cat], [fish], and so on. D. It seems to be a great a way out!However, as we remember, not all sounds can be transliterated so accurately.Therefore, any master teacher will advise and "real" English transcription.

types of stresses

nouns, adjectives, adverbs are usually stressed on the first syllable.Transcription of English shows not only the sound, which expanded the word, but also stress, which are divided into two groups: basic - position is always to the top of the stressed syllable, and additional - is located at the bottom front of the catchword.For a better understanding of stress acquainted with the rules of his productions:

  • Verbs with the prefix, as a rule, will have the accent on the second syllable.
  • At the beginning of a word is of two consecutive syllables without accent, one of them is bound to be a shock.
  • words that have more than four syllables, will have just two stresses - primary and secondary.
  • The nouns are often consoles shock.
  • suffixes any part of the speech, it is at the end of words, never shock.
  • at the end of words and misses the stress.

correct placement of accents will transmit the true meaning of the word.

reading and pronunciation rules

As is known, an integral part of English language skills - the ability to translate from English.With the transcription of which must be studied from the beginning of the course language, to remember a set of words will turn fast enough.

Once you get a handle on the rules relating to transcription, please refer to the rules of reading, that, first of all, start with the correct definition of the type of style.So, in English, has open and closed syllables.Open ends in a vowel: game, like, stone - 1st vowel in the word read in the same way as in the alphabet.Closed syllable ends in a consonant: pen, cat, bus - vowel in a syllable makes a sound.

addition to simple sounds are diphthongs.So called complex sound consisting of two simple.In many cases it can be represented as two components, but at this writing is not working normally.

important to know

English - a language that is required in many areas of human life, and therefore his knowledge is useful to everyone, not only for self-development, but also in life.Knowledge of English begins with the ability to read - nouns, adjectives, verbs in English (with or without transcription).This is the foundation without which it can not do.