What is the rate of blood sugar during pregnancy

One of the crucial moments in the life of any girl is pregnant.Especially our ladies do not forget the way they moved and lived, in general, during pregnancy, if it is passed without various types of complications.Well, in order that all took place exactly a woman is simply obliged to constantly visit doctors because something can still go wrong.Pregnant ladies very often have to take different tests, the blood glucose level is one of the most important.What is the rate of blood sugar during pregnancy?

blood sugar in pregnant

All doctors in one voice say, that during pregnancy under no circumstances should not exceed the rate of sugar.This is especially important for those girls whose bodies are prone to the development of a terrible disease - diabetes.It was during gestation baby likely to get a maximum.Experts call this type of gestational diabetes - a disease that occurs between positions that often disappears after delivery.The rate of blood sugar during pregnancy have to be respected mother - this is no joke!

Factors diseases

First of all, it's - heredity, in second place - the fullness of the future mother, and there are different kinds of metabolic changes in the body, so-called pathological islets of Langerhans, or too large intake of food with a lot of carbohydrates.In fact, one can argue that the glucose is in the blood just like that.It has a biological role: it provides power to all the nerve cells of the body.Sugar - a rich source of energy for humans, especially pregnant women.Due to the variety of additional stress on the body, and which is the period of gestation, the pancreas future moms are not doing the work of one person, but for two, which is why specially produces doubling dose of insulin.It is because of the risk of developing diabetes terrible very high.


help a pregnant woman can only be a doctor, who gave direction to the analysis, the result of which will show whether the norm is exceeded in blood sugar during pregnancy or not.Once upon a time doctors determined that rule, now it is controlled by the best specialists.What is blood sugar?The rate of women during pregnancy?

generally accepted norms of glucose (sugar) in the blood during pregnancy

Many believe that the rate of glucose in the blood depends primarily on the age of the person, the body structure and everything else, but this is not true.Standards of sugar in the blood of anything independent - is simply a measure of concentration of carbohydrates venous (blood from a vein) or capillary (blood from a fingertip lobe).An ordinary man (if you take blood from the fingertip lobe) rate varies between 3.5 and 5.5 mmol / L.When taking the analysis of the peripheral vein of a pregnant maximum concentration in blood sugar standards - to 6.1 mmol / l.Analyses of this kind always pass on an empty stomach.Blood sugar during pregnancy - the rate will be slightly different.


Doctors say that if the results of a blood test for glucose concentration, ranges from 5.5 mmol / liter to about 6.1 mmol / l (in the analysis of fasting), the likelihood of laterpathological condition is very high.If a person's blood glucose level exceeds 6.1 mmol / l (analysis only on an empty stomach), the man, unfortunately) ill with such a disease, like diabetes.Until a few years ago to put a definite diagnosis was the main condition for passing a special patient load test, which determines the "tolerance" to sugar.Now it is enough to pass the analysis twice at different times and on different days, and both times when blood glucose is greater than necessary, the diagnosis - diabetes.The situation with the girls wearing children is no different: the rate of blood sugar during pregnancy is defined in much the same way.


Every doctor has a certain method of treatment of this terrible disease, but diet is almost identical.If the blood glucose concentration pregnant more than the norm, an urgent need to go on a diet, otherwise it may result in a much sadder.During the diet it is prohibited to use all kinds of carbohydrates that are easily digested, because the rate of sugar exceeded because of them.During the treatment of diabetes in any case can not be hurt by any day of infection, receiving injuries, there should be no pathology.

The rate of blood sugar during pregnancy, new regulations

Before she decides to have a baby, it analyzes can be simply perfect, but then (after conception) change dramatically.This also applies to a variety of changes in the metabolism of carbohydrates.As mentioned above the bit, the rate of sugar in the blood during pregnancy is still different from the conventional standards.The diagnosis of diabetes is placed pregnant only if capillary blood sugar contains greater than 5 mmol / l.

During a special test for carbohydrate resistance doctors confirmed the diagnosis of a pregnant woman only if an hour after taking the analysis of the level of glucose in the blood will be higher than those in 10 mmol / L.After 120 minutes, the diagnosis is confirmed by a doctor, if blood is detected in more than 8.6 mmol / l.

As many have already understood, the blood sugar levels during pregnancy (rate) is difficult to determine, because the amount of glucose in the body at this time is very changeable, and even if the lady likes to eat at night, tgoda determine the exact outcome will be extremely difficult.Another important factor that affects the blood sugar levels are various third-party effects of the girl and the strongest emotions and stuff, including an extremely high isolation glucocorticosteroids with somatotropin.Incredibly, it is important to understand that the rate of sugar in pregnancy, if an empty stomach to take the analysis from a vein is only 5 mmol / l.During wearing baby in the abdomen may develop hypoglycemia - a very dangerous condition for both the mother and the fetus.Symptoms: persistent dizziness, tremors, weakness, incredible cold sweats, headaches and more.If a pregnant woman notices this, you need as quickly as possible a blood test for sugar, to ensure that it is below a rate of 2.7 mmol / L.The lack of glucose can be very bad for the kid.

Why during pregnancy blood sugar level rises?

Every mother should know that for the amount of sugar in the blood of the person responsible a special hormone called insulin.It helps carbohydrates completely penetrate the nerve cells of the human body.Harmon uses them as a source of energy for the continuation of his life.It has officially shown that during pregnancy, insulin is released much more glucose than before.Because of this, the amount of sugar in the blood of women in a position significantly increases, since there is an additional load on the pancreas - fruit child.

During the time when she bears a child, it is simply obliged to constantly visit doctors to monitor their health.After all, from the mother's health depends on how well a child will develop.Each month will have to take blood sugar concentration, at any time to do everything possible for your health and the health of the future child.