Gel polish "Blyuskay": reviews.

Every woman wants to be beautiful - an indisputable fact.Especially that the arms - is one of the main indicators of not only the age of a beautiful lady, but its degree of grooming.

What gel nail "Blyuskay"?

worker dress code is impossible without a thorough manicure, especially if your profession involves frequent communication with customers.In this article we consider the gel nail "Blyuskay 'reviews about him from shoppers and craftsmen professionals will tell how many colors offers the manufacturer, how to apply means and why it has gained such popularity among women around the world.Of course, not all lipsticks are the same.Some last longer, some peeled off from the nail within a few hours after application.It depends on the quality of the product, the manufacturer and, ultimately, prices.A decade ago, many women dream about making manicure done once a week, I kept on nails "as new" all the days that followed.In order not to have damaged the hot water - as many floors and wash dishes without gloves - that the varnish does not crack and is not showered in a few days, and shone so that it seems as if he has just struck.

Shellac: the golden mean between the "gel" nails and the usual manicure

about 6-7 years ago, manufacturers have released new product on the market, the so-called shellac - a cross between a gel, which is used for nail andvarnish.The product is distinguished by a special resistance, but at the same time had all the characteristics of color, luster and others, as well as regular nail polish.Shellac has won a huge army of fans from around the world, because by using it, manicure really can be done once a week or even less frequently.Moreover, you can choose from over 250 colors - a palette "Blyuskay."Gel polish can be applied independently for specific skills is required.Moreover, it costs a little more expensive than usual nail coat - in the range of 200-250 rubles per pack of 10 ml.Next, we'll show you how to apply the tool than to take it off, and how to make nail polish on the nails kept one, and then all of two weeks.It's very simple - the manufacturer has provided all.

Learning to make shellac manicure: how to apply and how to remove gel nail "Blyuskay"

If you value your time, then that product - the very tool that allows you to save it.Now you can do a manicure once a week, at the same time throughout this period your hands will look as if you just left the expensive salon.In order to properly apply the gel nail shellac "Blyuskay", you need the tool itself, nail file and other accessories for the usual manicure and a special UV lamp.It can be purchased in stores that sell equipment for salons and hairdressers, or order online.You need to purchase these devices only once, and a bottle of the funds will be enough for about half a year of use.You also need to make sure that you remove the gel polish "Blyuskay" - selling special tools to remove shellac polish, these fluids contain acetone and other components.Technology polish remover "Blyuskay" we will look at below.

How to apply shellac "Blyuskay": step by step instructions

first thing you need to prepare the surface of the nail - it must be perfectly smooth, then there should be a nail polish with a soft nail file special.After that follows to shape the nail, that is, in fact, do a regular manicure without coverage.The second step is the treatment of surfaces for applying liquid degreaser, it might be a normal acetone.Once you have to start the most important thing - to spray lacquer.First you need to create a base that is covered with a thin layer of shellac nails selected color.After dried layer under a UV lamp and then apply shellac, drying, repeating the procedure.That color was nice and bright, the last application should be particularly intense, shellac use more than the first nail.Then, your nail polish will last you do not even a week, and much more.Manufacturers say that the agent can keep the nails up to 2 weeks.So we talked about how to apply the gel varnish "Blyuskay" finishing touch can be the removal of surplus funds from the skin around the nail.Dip a cotton swab in a special liquid to remove shellac and bring your manicure to the end.

Detailed instructions on how to remove the gel polish "Blyuskay"

So, you want to re-apply to the means of nails, or you just tired of the color, and you want to change it to something new.No problem."Blyuskay" - gel lacquer, which you can see the photo on the right - is removed very easy.As already mentioned, you only need a special liquid to remove shellac, which are generally sold in the same place where you bought the paint itself.Getting procedure: Stocks cotton balls - they must be moisten with a sufficient amount of fluid to remove shellac, put on each nail one by one, and then press firmly.Since the gel varnish should be dissolved, keep a cotton ball should be long enough.It will be easier if you wrap the fingers foil and leave it for 10-15 minutes.After this time, shellac softened.It will be easy to remove the nails orange stick or a pointed nail file.Finish - you can re-apply gel nail "Blyuskay."The color palette is so diverse that many really bored wearing the same shade of two weeks, so many women do not wait for the scheduled replacement of shellac and make manicure with resistant coating are much more likely.

make the right choice: the benefits of gel polish "Blyuskay"

Why shellac, rather than the usual manicure?Here are some undeniable advantages of shellac "Blyuskay":

  • First, after applying the gel polish your nails are protected.They are not broken, do not crack or become damaged.
  • We have already mentioned that the shellac - is the ideal tool if you want to keep a manicure, "like it was out of the cabin" for one, or even two weeks.
  • Gel polish has been certified and is harmless to health.
  • Many are involved and Palette "Blyuskay."Gel polish, or rather your favorite color, you can choose from more than 250 shades.
  • worth relatively inexpensive means, consumed sparingly.

These are the benefits can be identified by the use of gel lacquer instead of the usual and customary all nail coat.

little shortcomings shellac "Blyuskay"

fair to say that for all the above advantages, the gel nail has several disadvantages that are also worth mentioning.Experts Crafted such negative side means:

  • Many shellac is applied in the cabin, and it is more expensive than a regular manicure.
  • If you decide to master the technique of the house, you will need to acquire the necessary equipment and related materials, "Blyuskay" gel lacquer, thermo-lamp with UV light, manicure set, a special liquid to remove shellac;All this is also expensive, especially as a bottle of shellac you hardly will manage, need to buy a few.
  • Sometimes, especially if you hold a manicure on nails over a week, on the surface of the gel polish can cause cracks.They gets wet, and this, in turn, is an ideal place for bacteria.That is, if you were coated, housework is best done with gloves.

Gel polish "Blyuskay": Product reviews masters

And now let's see what they say those who work with shellac "Blyuskay" continually, that is, knows firsthand about all its features, the positive and negative sides.Masters salons Crafted following product features:

  • experts note that "Blyuskay" - is almost perfect ratio of "price-quality" is a means of inexpensive compared with similar, but it has all the positive characteristics (resistance, brightness and so on) moreexpensive counterparts;
  • it does not require the application of special base and the so-called "finish" - the final cover, that is, at all stages of the manicure you only need a small bottle of gel lacquer and the lamp for drying;
  • the process goes fairly quickly, especially if you compare it with the nail procedure.

Given these characteristics, it is not surprising that the shellac nail in the cabin is very popular.To master the technique of the masters do not need to take special courses (especially if he has behind him the experience of nail), also equipment for applying shellac, if you take the scale of conventional beauty, is very inexpensive.Expenses paid off after the first few customers.

What women say about gel lacquer "Blyuskay"

Below are testimonials from those who have used the means at home.Agree, an experienced master will be able to make a similar manicure quickly and professionally, very rare complaints from disgruntled customers, who in the cabin poorly dealt shellac.The procedure is quite simple.Here is what women customers about gel nail "Blyuskay" opinions about it - positive - are presented below:

  • cover really stable, with proper handling it (mainly for the fact that all the homework you have to do ingloves) shellac lasts about 2 weeks;
  • product line offers a wide selection of colors and shellacs Glitter, luminescent effect, and so on;
  • collection of colors is constantly updated;
  • those who are used to doing your own manicures, easy to master the technique of applying the shellac in the home;
  • compared to the salon treatment, manicure with shellac house still much cheaper.

Often women skooperirovshis with friends, buy some gel lacquer and the lamp for two-three, thereby further reducing cost price of a manicure, which, according to many, can be compared to an expensive salon.

Gel polish "Blyuskay": negative reviews

Of course, it is difficult to find a remedy that like everyone.Therefore shellac "Blyuskay" has negative feedback from women who for some reason he did not come.That's what women customers unhappy note:

  • If you have caused more layers of varnish, ensuring, for example, the brightness of the colors, the coating on the nails look "fat" and not too neat.
  • Some shellac lasts only 4-5 days, and then begins to crack.Perhaps this effect is due to the peculiarities of the nail plate hostess manicure (for example, it is not enough polished and degreased) or woman simply did not follow the recommendations after applying shellac.This relates primarily to long-term contact with water and aggressive detergents.
  • some difficult to remove the coating, especially if they do it the usual acetone.Sell ​​special remover shellac, varnish and gel is recommended to remove them.
  • say that after a long and continuous use of shellac own nails become brittle, porous, begin to break down.

So use the tool or not?

Before using the gel nail, you need to weigh all the "pros" and "cons", although the first, of course, such coverage anymore.And decide whether you will carry out the procedure at home or do a manicure at the salon with the master.We hope our article about such a facility, as gel nail "Blyuskay" product reviews from artists and ordinary consumers, as well as other information to help you make a choice between a regular manicure and a coating that holds one or two weeks.But, progress, including in the field of cosmetology and cosmetic products, does not stand still.Therefore, to ignore the news, giving preference manicure technology, which is still used by our grandmothers, quite strange.Keeping pace with the times, besides trying this time to save, you need to pay attention to the innovations that have approved thousands of women around the world.And shellac or gel nail - this is one of them.