Shower system with mixer and overhead shower: a review of prices

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Shower system with mixer and overhead shower is an option that more and more customers prefer.This combination increases the comfort when using the shower and is more durable and reliable because all the elements strictly selected and complement each other perfectly.

Selection Rules shower system

Not everyone has the choice of plumbing experience, so before buying is trying to learn more about the shower system and listen to the comments of friends, not to repeat their mistakes.To choose the right plumbing for the bathroom, you need to pay special attention to the following points:

  1. Type watering: it can be in the form of a rectangle, square or circle.Its diameter may vary from six to forty centimeters, and the height of the system ranges from 90-200 cm. The best option is a combination of a height of about 1.2 m and a diameter of 15-20 cm, watering must also be provided with a regulator which allows to operate in several modes(for example, a jet of water can be the type of rain, massage, narrowcasting).
  2. material of construction of the system: each element is made of different materials.Their quality matters.
  3. Built-in functions: to improve the functionality of the shower system and its relevance allow additional properties, such as saving water flow or operating modes watering.

regard to the materials of construction of the system, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  1. For the production of the mixer and overhead shower is preferable to use chrome-plated brass or stainless steel.These materials provide plumbing shine, its durability, and resist corrosion.The only problem is the formation of lime deposits on the surface, which is very spoils the appearance.
  2. shower hose can be made of metal, plastic, anti-shock properties, or silicone, decorated with metal insert.The last option is the most durable and reliable, but the high price does not allow everyone wishing to purchase such a system.
  3. holes shower head decorated with rubberized nozzles.This makes it easy to clean them from debris and resist his appearance.
  4. for comfortable operation of the system shower with overhead shower are equipped with cartridges made of ceramics.

If the choice was made taking into account the basic parameters, the plumbing will be acquired for many years to operate smoothly and to please their masters.

Hansgrohe Croma 220

Shower system with mixer shower and top German production.The package includes a mixer, hand shower and overhead shower.This allows the system to use different modes of operation as required.The diameter of the Lake (22 cm) produces a soft jet of the type of rain that falls without pressure.In one minute, the work expended to nineteen gallons of water.

The main elements are made of high quality metal, so the operation of plumbing is provided for many years.The system is designed in a modern style, perfectly fit into any bathroom interior and will maintain it clean thanks to the ease of care chrome finish shower.

Hansgrohe Talis Classic

polished chrome coating provides a perfect shine, but for such a surface is rather difficult to take care as the water, getting in the mixer, it forms lime.If running water is soft, then this problem will not arise.

jet of water mixed with air, making the water supply is reduced, but the plane has a good head and wide enough.Rods equipped with a special button that allows you to adjust the height of the shower.Sam Hose is made of silicone, decorated with metallic inserts, so it is a long time will not leak.

Thanks to all the benefits of this very popular shower system with mixer.The price of it is around 15 thousand rubles.Although the cost is quite high, the quality justify such expenditures.

TIMO Nelson SX-90 Antique

This model has luxurious design, it is made "under the gold" and, therefore, requires the same exclusive bathroom design.The surface of all elements is treated with special enamel, its function is to provide original luster, even in contact with the surface of the hard water, which greatly simplifies the process of cleaning the basin.

The system has three modes of operation, there is no possibility of adjusting the height of the shower, watering can works only in water supply by type of rain.Mixer system has two valves, which are regulated by the flow rate of the water and its temperature.

Shower system with mixer and overhead shower will be a great addition to oversized bathrooms, executed in the style of "antique".

TIMO Beverly SX-1060

system is designed in a laconic style, all lines of transition smooth.Inside of the mixer has built-in control of the water supply, it allows to save the expense and, accordingly, reduce the cost of utilities.There is also a built-in ceramic cartridge with a mesh filter, which absorbs the sound of water.

The package includes: shower system with mixer, head shower and hand shower auxiliary hose which is telescopic.Lake has two modes, the surface of the entire system is chrome.

TIMO Selene SX-1013 Model Z

shower watering system has a square shape, it provides a soft water supply.All the elements are made of chrome-plated brass, so it is inherent metallic luster.

shower system with overhead shower and mixer is operated by a lever can operate in three different modes.The set is also an additional shower, the water supply is regulated by a lever located on the mixer.With it, you can change and water temperature.This method of operation provides a high level of comfort.

arrangement for the bathroom should be selected quality sanitary ware.Showers and shower systems fit perfectly into the modern interior and meet all the needs of modern man.