Autocracy - what is it?

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ambiguity estimates monarchy makes this type of state organization the most controversial and emotionally charged.

Epoch kings

Monarchic device marked the transition of human societies to the organized state.Accepted confer ancient Mediterranean attractive features of democracy and oppose them to the surrounding kingdoms.However, history shows that archaic democracy quickly degenerated into despotism and tyranny, second in the competition generated by the monarchical principle of society.

East and West

With the fall of the Roman Empire during the archaic democracies ended.On the territory of Western and Eastern Europe began the formation of hierarchical societies, the prototype of the future state.Their basis was the layer of the military aristocracy, among which the subordination of the military leader of an absolute value and is not questioned.Eastern tradition gave priority to tribal leaders to rally around the rest of his clan.Although interesting differences, the monarchical principle of social organization prevailed almost everywhere.Historians call this period the average or the Dark ages.However, almost all modern aristocracy, which has considerable weight in the politics of modern enlightened age, there is one of those times and bears their imprint.

Russian autocracy

Russian historians have put a lot of effort to prove and emphasize compliance with the Russian monarchy Western European "standards."Apparently, they believed that these provide a service to the reigning house.Nevertheless, the feeling of some significant differences present when compared with the autocracy in Russia monarchical systems of other countries.The need for development of real instruments to strengthen the monarchical system in Russia gave rise to attempts to study.Autocracy - what lies in that word?History of Russia gives a complex and contradictory picture of the relations between the authorities and the population.Monarchical device was not imposed on the country has no alternative.On the contrary, there are many forks in which Russia could turn to the path of constitutional monarchy and governance through representative institutions.

Formula Uvarova

first attempt to study the social significance of the autocracy was made by Count Uvarov.The mutiny was organized by a group of officers of the Guard, known as the revolt of the Decembrists, demanded the expansion of social support, which was based on the Russian autocracy.What is it in his understanding?For many, it was obvious that the threat are ideas being introduced through the educational system.However, Uvarov not just attempted to add a political dimension to the educational process.Its formula - "Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality" - is addressed not to the disciples.She addressed primarily to the aristocracy itself, makes the management layer of the empire.It clearly stated the connection autocracy and nationality.She warned against the temptation of aristocratic despotism through the proclamation of the national character of the autocratic state.

Lev Tikhomirov

former prominent Narodovolets Tikhomirov has gone through difficult political evolution.Liberal values ​​in his mind won autocracy.What is there to see Tikhomirov, which was not noticed before?He drew attention to the connection of the autocracy and the state, which had previously been ignored.He developed the concept of sovereignty, which is the metronome of public life.At a celebration of individual freedom, liberalism proclaims, the state takes a place workers.But can such a state to sustain international political competition?Whether it is capable to resist the public passion and interest groups?Narodnaya Volya terror clearly demonstrated the threat level.This is also testified about the inviolability of the autocracy manifesto issued a ruling in the accession to the throne of Alexander III.

People monarchy Solonevich

idea of ​​autocracy survived the Russian monarchy itself.The share fell to Ivan Solonevich understanding of history, hit the autocracy.What is wrong with the country, suddenly lost from anchors hold it for hundreds of years?But the triumphant liberalism in communist guise incredibly far from the advertised ideals.Manifesto on the inviolability of the autocracy should be viewed as a historical anecdote or foresight?Solonevich rethink monarchical idea had the experience of the Soviet man.Everything turned to dust in his eyes - Orthodoxy, Autocracy.But the lost reality made more visible the idea.

antithesis of Soviet autocracy demonstrate the inferiority and primitive practical and ideological baggage of the winner.Solonevich introduced understanding of autocracy as a landmark phase of development of society.Prioritizes the nation, he was aware of the autocracy as the highest form of democracy in which the people's confidence in the supreme power is so high that it has delegated its functions indefinitely the state organization.But the supreme power to the people responsible so that he has no goals higher than the service to him.The practical implementation of the ideas, even Solonevich could not happen in his lifetime.He had not counted on this, taking his message to descendants, survivors of the turmoil, which has fallen to the fate of his generation.

current situation

Suppression straight line ruling Romanov dynasty during the Civil War made the unconvincing claim to the Russian throne by their relatives.Deprived of a possible visual image of the king, in favor of reviving autocracy spend time in squabbles and sham notions.Paradoxically, this has no effect on the attractiveness of the idea of ​​modern autocracy.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the termination of Communist domination in the Russian Empire, the monarchical sentiments were quite pronounced.They have kind of a political movement or a recognized social structure.The prevalence of the population due to internal reasons.They are subject to the part of the population that feels statists or Russian nationalists.Autocracy in their understanding is primarily a tool for building or restoring state.

destructive tendencies left in the legacy of predecessors with great difficulty overcome current Russian authorities.For Russian nationalists autocracy means a return to the concept of Russian national state.So far, the modern liberal society is not able to offer them ideas comparable to appeal to the formula "Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality."