How to attract the attention of men?

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How to attract the attention of men?This intriguing question revolves in the minds of many beautiful ladies.In this case, you have to be very careful, as if hunting, as a man - it's prey.Ways to attract the attention of many, we will highlight the main ones.

Appearance - the first thing you pay attention to the stronger sex, but not the most important.

So, first you need to dress right, because most men are "peck" on the beautiful breasts and legs.Excellent combination - a mini skirt and slender legs.In addition, it is very important to choose the right makeup.Men scares as a bright coloring, and a complete lack of makeup.Before you finally choose your make-up on the day experiment.It is desirable that at that time you were alone at home.If you believe that everything went well and the make-up perfectly for you, you can show the result to men.


about visual appeal can talk a lot, but this is only a 30% success rate.The main role in how to attract the attention of men, playing still flirt.Only need to know when to stop, so as not to bring a smile to the lips of eyewitnesses have this.

Coquetry - the power is in your hands

This is another proven way to attract the attention of the opposite sex.Male sure you play up and osyplet you compliments.After a flirt seductive and feminine, she always keeps a guy on a short leash.Young people attract those girls who look at them with admiring eyes, talking about their courage, they admire gestures.

How to attract the attention of men?Establish eye contact with them.This is a very important moment in coquetry.Long look straight in the eye means your interest.Just be aware measure.You can watch in different ways: over the shoulder, look and smile, and many other ways.How to attract the attention of men?Use the smile, it is very important in this business.Only it should be natural and open.

Tactile sensations attract the opposite sex

Touch chance to hand him, quietly under the table leg to touch his feet - all these and many other sensations are like a magnet.Do not be shy!In such a delicate matter complexes to nothing lead.


How to attract attention to themselves?Choose a good perfume.It need not be very expensive perfume, your body just needs to smell nice.

Know yourself the price

You should be confident in themselves - it is a prerequisite of victory.If you have low self-esteem, then it must urgently improve, for example, engage in auto-training.You are obliged to give the impression of a good, joyful person with whom pleasant to communicate.

way, men are best found in places where they are most often.It could be sports halls, car centers, shops, bars and even your yard (if the young man has a dog).So always be ready to meet the gentleman of your dreams.Now you know how to attract the attention of men.Use these guidelines and you will always be on top!